[Release] New Dark and Deep DnB label launches in Hamburg

Dr Woe and Violet Core's Insomnius Music imprint starts with a self-titled EP

The Insomnius EP by Dr Woe is his first release on a label and the first EP on Insomnius Music.
This new darkside Drum and Bass Label with deep & hard influences is founded by Dr Woe and Violet Core, based in Hamburg, Germany.

The Insomnius EP starts with „The Tunneltune" includes straight bassline and a dark atmosphere.
The second Track „The Insomnius" comes with punchy drums, energetic lead sounds and leaves with a mystic touch your mind.
„Stone Cold" is a more broken beat one with percussive Baselines.
An upfront roller with space to get breath and calm down that's „Beautiful Anger".The bouncing Bassline and rolling drums are forming a warm mood.
Inspired by a trip to London's „Hackney Wick", gives the last Track on the Insomnius EP it's name.
The dreamy atmosphere complement the up and down stepping drums in a balance.

All in all Dr Woe have produced a multi-faceted going to the roots EP which brings you on a journey through the insomnius.


Source: Example Media PR
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