[Release] Headread - Proximo (Absys Records)

You may already know that apart from pushing the sound of already established names, Absys Records is always on the lookout for some fresh and exciting talent. And the release we’re proud to present to you today is a perfect example of practicing wha t we preach. “Proximo” is an EP by HeadRead – a duo of newcomer producers from Estonia, Tallinn. They are Mikk Saar (aka Planeet ) and Roland Kaur (aka Slammin ), and have been making waves for some time now, having released their debut EP on Thing’s Depthwise Music. Their roots in drum & bass date back to the end of the 90s – with a focus on the more dancefloor side of the era, so you can more or less imagine what to expect of their output.

What they deliver today via Absys Records is a strong statement of what their vision of drum & bass is about – energy, force, precision, and – obviously – passion. Indeed, the four-track “Proximo” will take you on a journey through the more upbeat and action-packed shades of drum & bass, offering you a rolling ride with the dancefloor-oriented “Chopper” (the name says it all), a hyper-speed drive in the accompaniment of a growling stepper entitled “Gravity”, a half-stepping treat in the form of the heavy-hitting “Proximo”, and a ruthless assault named “The Unknown”, slamming you with an array of breakneck-paced beats and a thundering bassline. All in all, the Ep is excellent aural substitute for an energy drink, so get ready to be stimulated in a flash.

Source: Triple Vision Distribution
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