[Release] Giacomo & Tweakz EP for Syncopix Records

Syncopix Records returns following the release of Syncopix new album Benevolence earlier on this year. Coming up they have two singles from Tweakz and Giacomo respectively. Syncopix hasn't signed some music from other artists to the label for a while and these two are the most talented upcoming artists in Hamburg.

1995 by Tweakz is the first single dropping on 21st of October. Tweakz has had a number of releases and his productions have been supported by some top tastemakers. He's got a lot of tunes on the way and this bootleg has been doing the rounds in Hamburg.

The second track Causal by Giacomo will follow on the 4th of November. Giacomo is part of the Hoch 10 Collective in Hamburg and has played alongside Phace, Misanthrop and Black Sun Empire. He's studying to be a sound engineer and is a multi instrumentalist. His musicality comes out in his tracks as he combines live music with electronic production.

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