[Release] The fourth part of Quart LP by A Sides will be here soon

For the fourth part of his Quart series, A Sides has another five massive tracks lined up for your
aural consumption. Like the selections before them, each slice of bass represents a monumental time in his career. They're musical signposts to the achievements A Sides has created throughout his time producing music and for avid listeners they'll become an inherent part of their own history.

Whether it's behind the decks, or through headphone jacks, A Sides has made an impact on his audience. And this is why the next instalment stands as yet another must have for the record collections of drum & bass fans globally.

Your first reintroduction is through 'Believe In Who You Are', featuring Vanessa Freeman on vocals. Her voice perfectly juxtaposes A Sides climatic breaks and atmospheric synth, taking you through an otherworldly portal. It's a roller that resonates across your mind, creating the imagery of lost summers and long nights.

'Avenger' on the other hand, which instils T.R.A.C. on mic duties takes you onto the other end of the spectrum. Its tone is slightly more aggressive, moving you down a journey of A Sides darker productions, the type to reverberate through the harder side of his fan

'Break It Down' reflects its title, nodding to the old school and platforming A Sides historical background. It's a dynamic ride that takes you through a wide range of influences, from the early jungle period right through to the golden era of drum & bass development.

'In Reality' comes next, a jazz filled dancefloor number which slowly builds during its intro. Spacey drums loop their way through the mix, adding to an already tight composition and hitting harder with every throw. It demonstrates the divertive nature of A Sides music, not sticking to any particular passageway, enabling a twist with every record.

'Take My Time' also enlists the help of another vocalist, Spikey Tee, adding to an already huge wealth of talent on the track listing. The final delivery from A Sides, it ends yet another phenomenal offering from the producer who takes on each musical wavelength... Adding to an impressive repertoire, one epitomised through a series that'll forever mark his commitment to the genre.

Source: Example Media
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