[Release] Formation Records pres. The Countdown/Tick Tock

Sweet and Sikka are a Drum n Bass Production and DJ duo based in the north of England, who have set out with the prime directive of throwing it down. The unique Sweet n Sikka sound wasn't only born from a love of Jungle and Drum n Bass, but was also influenced by many other genres of music itself, this leads to their very distinctive and uncompromising sound.

Since growing up a couple of streets apart in a small mining village Sweet n Sikka both used music as a way of escaping the hard times of daily life. Drawing inspiration initially from Motown, HipHop and RnB before discovering a mutual love of Jungle and Drum and Bass. After a brief meeting in 1994, it was then another 20 years of life and all of it's challenges, which they both spent developing their skills before a chance link up led to a re-connection.

After many months of hard work and determination with the sole intention of creating music that DJ's not only wanted to play, but people would also love to listen to it, Sweet n Sikka began releasing music on their own label Inna Rhythm Recordings. Within a short space of time this attracted the attention of The one and only DJ SS, and the legendary Formation RecordsSweet n Sikka are now very proud and honored to be part of this movement.

1. Sweet n Sikka - The Countdown
2. Sweet n Sikka - Tick Tock

Release Date: November 18th
Source: Formation Records
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