[Release] Filip Motovunski presents 2-tracks release for BPM Recordings

Croatian Bass Music producer Filip Motovunski presents his new release Lava/Shakka for BPM Recordings. This is the first album of the artist after his ten-year anniversary as an artist and beatmaker, which was marked off with a powerful event in his home town Zagreb. The release consists of two tracks, which showcase his aspiration for the creation of unorthodox Bass music, that shows a certain continuity between genres, regardless of the clearly underlined BPM.
“Lava” and “Shakka” are tunes that gave me room to express some mystical and tribal vibes that part of me is carrying. When I made Lava music it inspired me to write and record my first verse ever in my broken English. I used to rap on Croatian when I was younger so I have a bit of hip hop background, but this was a next level challenge for me. Shakka was interesting to work on because of its dancehall-ish rhythmic pattern with less snares that I tried to fit into drum and bass vibe and tempo. Goal was to make meaningful sequence with those two and circle that apocalyptic and shamanistic idea.

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