[Release] The debut LP by LSB pretends to be the album of the year

"I wanted to write a DnB album that was just that, Drum and Bass, the genre has always been a melting point of ideas, influences and sounds. I wanted to embrace that and I didn't want any weak attempts to cross over, no token house or techno tracks to try and appeal to a broader audience. Just music for
musics sake made with the hope that people will get that and enjoy it. " - LSB

LSB's debut solo album, "Content" is out on the 31st of October. He has solidi- fied his place in Drum and Bass over a career spanning more than 12 years of involvement in promoting, djing and producing.

"Luke has a real talent. Not just in terms of his production sound, which is impeccable. It's more his ability to find a great balance between being indulgent and creating intricate sonic textures and making his music work in both a traditional and modern DnB environment." - Soul:R's CEO Marcus Intalex

Release Date: October 31st
Source: Example Media 
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