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A pronounced innovator, Coppa is about to bridge the gap between what he's classically known for and the spearheading of a new musical venture. The project ethos centers around a musicality that brings together instrumentalists and world which doesn't confine itself to any protoype, focusing more on the softer side that each soundscape has to offer. It's about musical expression and creativity, an outlet for producers and musicians to platform their individual freedoms.

Coppa World is a collaborative effort from the renowned vocalist and composer Tommaso ‘Meditat1on' Zuppa, bringing you a host of collective, softer-spoken riddims like ‘Fly Away'. This EP, which helps to further cement the type of music they'll be bringing to the table. Featuring a wide range of artists, from the crafty cut presented by Bcee and Villem, to the distorted bass riddled rework from Chris.SU and Bad Habits pitched down tempo renovation, they each give a different edge to an already genre breaking anthem.
On ‘Fly Away', the Coppa World outfit worked with some of their main collaborations, a very talented Serbian violinist and musician Boris Time, as well as drum & bass producer Livewire. Boris has become an integral part of the Coppa World project, featuring heavily on more material over the coming months.

Up first, Bcee and Villem present a liquid roller which still bites between each break. Still taking you deep into the depths with every bass note, they still continue to use Coppa's vocals in a way that compliments the mix and follows the dynamics which both producers draw for. Chris.SU on the other hand takes the track into a darker atmosphere, with snapping hi-hats and midis. Quickly pounding drum succession drop you into a hemisphere of crackling bass and stabbing beat patterns. The drop splits on impact, taking you down wavelengths of perfectly produced chaos.

The garage skits of Bad Habit's remix move the track out even further, dipping into an entirely different genre and switching down the tempo. It's wraps up all four tracks in a way that adds yet another flipside to an already impressive record. Prepare to be immersed in the world of Coppa, because if this release is anything to go by, it's about to become more prominent than ever.

Source: Cygnus Music PR

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