[Release] C4C pres. Impak: Cats & Dogs EP

Impak, an infamous name which has stretched into the furthest corners of mainland Europe. His cutting, unadulterated noise resounds from club to club, across Prague to the wider drum & bass community. It's a type of neuro which pulses through the veins of huge audiences worldwide and one that he's firmly solidified a fan base within. Showcased on the renowned Neurofunk Grid platform, it made sense that all eyes turned firmly on this budding producer. And with every release that's followed, he's showed more and more he's here to further push his position amongst the scene's best newcomers.

And on the flipside of his standalone track, comes a rework of Optiv & CZA's ‘Journey Inwards'. Optiv and CZA are two artists you're already familiar with if you're well educated on the genre's history. Together they team up to produce a record that complements Impak's work through this remix, keeping the pace whilst also adding his own signature twist.

First up, ‘Dogs and Cats' is a feral animal, one filled with ominous distortion and a carefully padded intro. Drums take the lead, flicking quickly between an ebbing and flowing bassline. Elevating and falling note patterns take you steeply from each segment; it's not long before the pace is slowed and you're allowed to fully take in your sonic surroundings. Then it's geared up by an enigmatic sample, throwing you full throttle down a craftily constructed relay of beats and clanking midis. It's a cleverly manufactured structure, one that'll leave you wondering where you'll end up next, and whether you'll come out unscathed.

The ‘Journey Inwards' remix takes on the original whilst contorting it into something almost unrecognizable. The aggressive stance Impak pushes into all his music is prevalent through, catching you unaware during its softly spoken first thirty seconds. Step by step, you're given a false sense of security, before Impak makes himself known and brings out the monster. Then bang, you're hit again and again by crashing drums and nastily fashioned breakdowns. Whilst Optiv & CZA are already revered for their hard-hitting riddims, Impak brings this tune into another world. One he watches over diligently whilst pushing himself further and further onto the musical agenda.

Release Date: October 28th
Beatport Exc: October 14th
Source: Cygnus Music PR
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