[Release] Black Tuna pres. Box Car by Turtilian

Release No. 31 from the Canadian label's catalogue

Black Tuna Recordings presents Turtilian and his latest single "Box Car". Turtilian has been around the underground scene for many years, and has produced multiple dubplates, free downloads, and releases for labels such as Thought Render, Phantohm Sound System, Monkey Dub Recordings, Really Good Recordings, and now Black Tuna

Turtilian introduces a new, down-tempo essence to the BTR sound, and "Box Car" has just the right fit. The track begins with an eerie atmospheric pad, and a solitary guitar riff that set a deep and dark tone. Dripping in ambient textures, and lush synth pads, "Box Car" creates a seductive environment that is devoured by transient heavy percussion, prominent delay's, and fearsome grooves. Turtilian's style is dark and cheeky, using vocal samples to enhance the experience, and add a narrative element to the song. "Box Car" hits hard and finishes with a K.O.

Source: Black Tuna Recordings
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