[Q&A] Quick talk with Critical Music label manager Kasra

Several weeks ago a leading Drum and Bass organization in Bulgaria announced the event for the occasion of its 18th birthday. The party is going to take place in January 2017 and it's been announced that Critical Music will have a label night as a part of the event. Impressed by the news we contacted Kasra, the label's founder, and had a short conversation with him. The interview moved from several questions about the development of Critical Music to the artist's interest in the Bulgarian Drum and Bass scene. We definitely caught Kasra in a busy time for him, so the interview was not long or arduous. You can see the whole conversation in the following lines and you can find more information about the event on this website in the next months.



Hello, Kasra! You're the founder and manager of Critical Music. When and where did the idea for the creation of your label come up?

It came out of conversations with friends, I had run small tape only labels of experimental music as a teenager and wanted to get more involved in DNB. My initial drive was to just be a part of the scene i loved by releasing music by new producers.

What is the driving force behind Critical? What is your mission and the label's message?

I suppose the driving force is me and my taste but i like to think this works alongside the artists. I want the label to reflect all that is interesting and exciting in modern drum and bass. That maybe mean something heavy and dance floor or something more restrained at half time.

For quite some time you had a slogan, "Underground Sonic Movement". Do you still stand behind the Underground concept and what defines the boundaries of the "underground" term? 

It's not meant to be read in to that much, it's a slogan. Aesthetically something i feel. I want Critical to be as successful as possible and for the music to be heard by as many people as it can but not at the expense of releasing the music we believe in.

For several seasons now you've been maintaining Critical Soundsystem, which is a live project of yours with a variable membership. What exactly is Critical Soundsystem and what are the goals of the project, except showcasing your unique sound?

Critical Soundsystem was born out of b2b2b between me , Enei and Mefjus. We were on our last show of a 3 week tour of Australia and New Zealand and decided that rather than play separate sets we would do a 3 way b2b for 3 hours. It was alot of fun and really worked. On the plane on the way home i thought of the name and festivals picked up on it. It works as a great showcase for all of us.
Do you think classifying the music into genres and sub-genres is necessary and does your label want to distance itself from that type of classifying the musical styles?

I don’t really care much for labels myself

In the month of January Critical will be a guest-label on the birthday event of a leading drum and bass organization in Bulgaria. What are your expectations for the event?

I'm looking forward to it, I've heard lots of great things about HMSU!

What do you know about the Bulgarian drum and bass scene and the audience in the country? Do you know any Bulgarian drum and bass artists personally?

I have played at Horizons Festival twice now so have visited before but the crowd was very european so maybe not the best example.

What can we expect of Critical until the end of the year? What releases and bigger events have you got planned?

We have some very exciting new releases coming, our first London event since Fabric closed as well some big shows for NYE. Please check www.criticalmusic.com to get the latest news :)

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