Drop Sensei with a new DnB concept and a new Dubstep series

'KATANA - Bass Music Events in Serbia, starts in 2017.' - Bozne

The Serbian Drum and Bass organization Drop Sensei has started two new concept series in its regular activities. The first is the Shuriken series, which is the successor to the Surenje series (Surenje is a type of knife, local to Serbia). Under the new name, inspired by 15th century Japan, the Novi Sad promoters are going to continue their mission of inviting the most wanted guests from the global Drum and Bass elite. The first Shuriken party is the traditional for the organization Mask Ball, which is going to be held at two different locations this year.

Other than the flying Shuriken, Drop Sensei are reinforcing their arsenal with Katana. This series invited a lot of arguments and interest on Facebook, due to the amusing way that the organization chose to announce the event. Similarly to the current craze of social media requests, one of the fans of the organization had contacted one of its creators with the question "How much likes should I get for you to organize a Dubstep event?". The agreed upon number was 300 likes and 50 shares, which was fulfilled for only a day. Even members of our crew joined in on the fun.

 However, the joy of the victory was short-lived, as it was revealed to be a planned masquerade. Drop Sensei had already planned the Katana event and just wanted a more amusing way of announcing the series in order to further promote it. The organization has already planned their first event and guests and new information is soon going to be available. The series' start is currently planned for Spring 2017. There is a lot of interest in these events, because Dubstep has long been gone from the Balkans' party map. Maybe only PIXIE in Istanbul still promoted that genre through the last year in a higher level. But clearly the style has not been forgotten and we'll soon be glad to have a brand new Dubstep party series. As Drop Sensei already have the Shuriken and Katana concepts, we at Low Frequencies invite them to start another series under the name of Wakizashi (a short samurai sword), which could be based on the popular in Britain style of Garage.

We're looking forward to the first Katana, but until then there are several big events in Drop Sensei's program. Follow the organization in Facebook for more information and, of course, follow our website - articles for our Novi Sad friends are coming soon.

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