A HippieLandia Club Event is going to be held at club Mixtape 5

HippieLandia Festival took place in the beginning of the summer and left pleasant memories in hundreds of music lovers. The sets of Black Sun EmpireGorgon CityGus GusDax JNetskyHVOB and the powerful Bulgarian support still echo in our ears. In one of our two reviews we even took the liberty of announcing HippieLandia Festival for the best festival of the whole summer despite of how early it came to pass. Consequently it tuned out that we weren't too far from the truth because in the next months almost no event provoked such emotions. After the slightly monotonous summer season in which we enjoyed uniform initiatives in the country (except the very end of the season and some rare interesting inclusions at its height) we put up with the fact that we had to wait almost a year to the next HippieLandia, which could break up a little the dull festival stereotype here.

However, EventEase surprised us with a quite enjoyable fact, springing on us the happening of HippieLandia Club Event. The event is fixed for the middle of November and the exact date is the 12th. Judging from its name it will be a club event and will take place in a one single night (in contrast to the two-day summer fest) and will be carried out in the two halls of MIXTAPE 5. One of them will carry the name Bass Romance stage (a series of Bass events organised by EventEase), and the other one - Filter stage. For the moment it's too early to make full announcements for the whole event since we know so little details. However, the names of three of the headliners are already known and from them we can deduct that HippieLandia Club Event will be the same imposing event as was its summer counterpart.

A true titan of the Drum and Bass scene - dBridge, will pay us a visit in the Bass Romance hall. Darren White, as his birth name is, is among the most vigorous experimenters in the contemporary electronic music. The Briton is one of the creators of minimal DnB also known as Autonomic. The very denomination Autonomic comes from the name of one of the few labels managed by Darren (Autonomic Recordings). Speaking of labels, dBridge is the creator of the mythical EXIT Records, which celebrates this year its 15th anniversary. Our expectations were that this event will bypass our country but EventEase showed us again their flair for the choice of artists and surprised us quiet pleasantly. Besides as label-manager, dBridge is also renowned for his powerful producing. The success in his intense solo carrier has expanded with his participation in Bad Company, who announced their second gathering a few months ago. With the anniversary of the label and the gathering of BC after a long absence from the stage, dBridge figures as the best guest for a big event focused on the full range of Bass styles.

The Bass Romance stage starts getting a more and more distinct Autonomic character and it seems like 15 years of EXIT Records won't bypass Bulgaria. Skeptical is one of the most famous representatives of  the "clipped" Drum and Bass scene. His metre-rhytmic tracks filled with deep bass elements have always been the equivalent of high-grade DnB. At the moment, Skeptical lives in Hertfordshire, UK, where his studio is based. The artist is part of several of the most emblematic labels such as Metalheadz, EXIT, Soul:R, Dispatch, Cylon. He has publications for Renegade Hardware, Critical and many other powerful British labels.

The influence of Skeptical on the modern Drum and Bass is enormous. He is one of the most significant artists on the British stage. His performances are weekly and his audience comes crowding to the clubs and is hard to enumerate. Not only is he a producer and a DJ but the artist is also known for his devotion to the loud and well resounding bass. A huge might and depth lie in his sets although the dynamics of the elements in the selected tracks isn't as high.


Headliner of the Filter stage will be the French experimenter and techno guru The Hacker. The artistic alias of Michel Amato, as his real name is, comes from the legendary Jeff Mills track of the same name and whose style Amato tried to imitate in the beginning of his career. Later Amato imposed himself as one of the biggest innovators in the global electronic scene producing a nice blend of electronica and rock together with his close friend Caroline Hervé. What is this this really about? Well, Caroline is more famous as Miss Kittin and the innovative genre - as electroclash. Yes, one of the fathers of the electroclash which conquered Europe and the world in the late 90' and the beginning of the new century comes to Bulgaria to take a special part in HippieLandia Club Event. With this awesome booking, EventEase have again shown us their incredible flair for artists who are in the search for new horizons in electronic music.

Information for the tickets is still missing. We don't know yet whether there will be other headliners. Every new information will be uploaded on our site in due time so keep your eyes open!

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