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We're starting the new week with an article on trance music. It's a new venture for our website, as we're trying to expand our horizons to the diversity of electronic music's genres. However, unlike our last piece on this genre, this time we're seriously venturing into the depths of the underground trance music, Yes, there is such a thing as underground trance! And we're going to see exactly what it's about on 07.10.16 when Solarstone, one of the most revered British trance DJs, comes to Sofia, invited by Tranc3motion. But before we talk about the event itself, let us tell you about Tranc3motion.

Like many of you know, the dubstep scene in Bulgaria is not developing well. Dubstep parties are scarce and big international names are rarely, if ever, invited. Well, until several years ago, the situation was the same in the trance scene. Other than Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and maybe Paul van Dyk and Ferry Corsten, trance DJs could never sell a party out, so, understandably, promoters did not invite them. However, trance fans in Bulgaria are a really united bunch and they managed to assemble themselves into a brand new organization - Tranc3motion. Its goal is to collect money through membership fees on a crowdfunding basis and to organize regular trance parties with that budget. Yes, through these means one can never hope to invite big names like Dash Berlin and Gareth Emery, but there are lots of great DJs and producers who are available for not that big of a fee. In the last two years the organization has managed to invite Dennis Sheperd, RAM, Sean Tyas, Photographer, Indecent Noise, Menno de Jong, Jordan Suckley and Aly & Fila. Those are serious successes for a crowdfunded organization and we're proud to be working with them.

Solarstone is the artistic moniker of Richard Mowatt. Born in Birmingham, UK, he created the Solarstone project in 1994 alongside Andy Bury and Sam Tierney. However, during the course of the next decade both Andy and Sam left the project, leaving Richard the sole man behind Solarstone. Since than he "has developed a reputation for unfailingly keeping to the original and classic trance sound and is considered to be a true veteran by fans in the trance music scene. Since 2012, Solarstone has been pushing forward a Pure Trance movement through tours where he aims to keep the trance genre true to his roots." That is in stark contrast to the global trance scene, which has followed the big festival trend of big room sets, tracks and drops that we've since grown accustomed to associate with festivals like UMF and Tomorrowland. In 2015 Solarstone even launched a new radio show - Pure Trance Radio, continuing to push the development of the classic trance sound.

But let's talk about the event. The party is going to be held at Fabrica 126 in Sofia, near the metro station "Maria Luiza". The location has an industrial setting, confirming the underground vibe coming from the whole event. If you're new to trance music and you're feeling uneasy, don't worry - Solarstone has confirmed his set would be an extended set, which means that at least the beginning would be a solid house and techno adventure. The Brit regularly plays techno tracks in his sets and has even promoted Enrico Sangiuliano's latest single Moon Rocks, which is out now on Drumcode. So if you're thinking of going to the UMF event on the 1st of October, you can easily do a double with Solarstone a week later. I'll be posting a similar extended set of Solarstone's, along with the tracklist, down below. Extended sets like these are a trademark of sorts for Tranc3motion and it's all because the people behind it share the view that if the audience pays a certain sum, it should get the best quality possible for that sum. In that sense, you can expect 8 hours of solid electronic music at the event.

Solarstone @ 8 Hour Open to Close Set, Sanctuary Saturdays, Room 680 Melbourne, Australia

Tickets are available here at the price of 26 leva right now and will be up to 30 leva in October. The first category of tickets were a little bit cheaper, but they've already been sold out, so you can expect a hefty crowd. The supporting acts are Bobe, who is a resident for the Tranc3motion movement and is expected to play a progressive set, and DNAprocess, who is a new member in the organization, but is a veteran in the trance scene. You can expect a heavier, psychedelic trance sound from her set for the closing of the evening.

But that's not all - keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more information on how you can win a free ticket to the event! More info soon!

The date is 07.10.16, the location is Fabrica 126. We're expecting you!

Tickets: Tranc3motion pres. Solarstone - Fabrica 126
Facebook event: Tranc3motion pres. Solarstone | Fabrica 126
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