Three Eatbrain artists are going to headline the next Shuriken event

Surenje is becoming Shuriken!

Although they've only been around for 4 years, DROP SENSEI have a serious set of events in Novi Sad and Northern Serbia behind their backs. Infact, we'd even dare to say that some of their events are gaining traditional character. One of these events is their Mask Bal, the first edition of which also happened to be the first Eatbrain Night in the region (featuring Jade, Coppa and L 33) back in 2015. This year, the tradition will be continued and our Serbian friends will celebrate Halloween in style once again, in the company of three artists from the very same Hungarian label.

Returning to SCKNS Fabrika, visitors of the event will this time hear Maztek from Italy, the French trio Signs and the Ukranian project Agressor Bunx. Maztek has been one of the most admired Neurofunk artists on the scene for some years now. With releases for the likes of Renegade Hardware, Eatbrain, Virus, ProgRAM, Commercial Suicide and even Hospital, Mateo is among the biggest names in the DnB business for over 10 years now. Signs' background may not be as extensive, yet they've already shown us their unique flair when it comes to producing music and while their first releases clearly show us that the trio will inevitably face a well-deserved place in the top charts, their remixes imply that the French are definitely part of the 'mastermind cliqe" when it comes to dnb. Agressor Bunx, on the other hand, are also part of the new wave of Neurofunk artists which quickly grew after releasing for labels like Citrus, ProgRAM, Eatbrain, Titan and others.

Regardless of the big names we already mentioned that's not the end of it- at the party we will also be glad to hear the promissing Voytek of Britain as well as Austrian Mi:Low, who (btw) happens to have Serbian roots. Belgradian Bo_Jah will once again take the mike, as the tradition enjoins. Unfortunately, we will not hear any of Drop Sensei's artists, however this is no reason to worry, especially with a line-up like this.

And if the 2015 edition was a DnB club party, this year the Halloween bash will have a rather festival character. At the exact same time, also as part of this event, techno addicts will get to enjoy a wonderfully organized night, which will bring together many names from the local Balkan scene in one place, to wit- Quarter. In this way the event will be held at two different places, making it more interesting and challenging to experience.

Miss Sunshine / Insolate / Croatia
Vladimir Aćić aka Avoid / Serbia
P.S. & Raven Tk / Montenegro
Flexx / Serbia

Tickets are already up for grabs at, with prices as follows:


Up until now, members of our team have visited numerous Drop Sensei events and, honestly, we recommend them to everyone. Despite they've been around for a while, the organization strives to please all bass lovers, even the whimsiest of them. And when there's international guests involved the situation gets reeaally serious.
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