[Releases] Trust Audio represents their first release

A new British label ahs been launched. Here is the first release of Thrust Audio

Trust Audio is a brand new label based in North London, brought to you by Joe Trex & Tommy Quest. Both have a rich history entrenched in DNB culture. It is from these experiences over the years that the lads have decided to set up an outlet for music that they both believe in.

Trex has put a lot of time into his production over the years, which has culminated with releases on labels such as, Mac2, Chronic, Ingredients, Flexout to name a few, and his music has been supported by a plethora of artists across the scene. The ethos being rolling drums and heavy bass which we will see much more of as the Trust Audio story unfolds.

The first release is a 3 track EP from Trex himself and starts with Loco, a heavy rolling distorted beast of a track which does damage in a club, car, studio or pretty much wherever it is played. Bass and Drum edits aplenty help drive this track forward relentlessly. Next up Knucklehead another low bass roller. Haunting pads, stabs and vocals take control & align with the bass to make this track hum and push the speakers. Steppy breaks complete this heavy slab of dnb.

To complete this release Twist of Fate steps up to the plate. This tune is a banger, rolling drums that switch up every 16 bars and alter the vibe from Stepping’ to Hardsteppin’ then back again! Add into the mix a distorted pulsating bass line and you got everything you need.

A strong first release by anyone's standards. Watch this space as Trust Audio emerges.

Source: Cygnus Music PR
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