[Release] Tobax strikes for Impact Music

What can be said about Impact Music? The French based label has sifted through throngs of upcoming producers, bringing together the toughest woven music which is available amongst the internet pools. They've also given a platform to France's own burgeoning scene, one which is becoming acclaimed across not just Europe, but the global community. And the ‘Collisions' demonstrates why.

It can be expected that an imprint such as Impact would hold the torch for artists like Tobax. With a plethora of releases on the likes of AMC's Titan Recordings, he's been an exciting prospect for a while. The technical puppet master returns for another single, focusing attention on his studio craft which helps to explain why he's raised so many eyebrows recently.

Appropriately titled, lead track ‘Collisions' pushes you head first into a pit of neuro-flavoured basslines and nastily biting pads. Ramped up and bolstered as if injected with steroids, it's an all-out rollercoaster of sound, one which won't allow you to get off. Featuring the tentative rage of Davip, who also brings along his own production aptitudes, it's a collaborative banger that's been a coveted dub for quite some time now... A resounding example of what Impact are bringing to the party.

Mentally Repeat' takes you into a different realm. Slowly winding, it's an intensive growler. Amongst ominous atmospherics and humanistic filters, it follows a lower frequency whilst distortion creates an uncertain standing. Ramping up, the drum peddles are what really stand out. They gradually step it up a gear, the pace becoming meaner. A dancefloor riddim that fires out of each cylinder with its continuity, Tobax ensures you're unable to escape from his ferocious whirlwind of production.

Alongside Talabun MC, also standing as a comparative newbie, Tobax yet again brings the pain. Beginning with grimy vocals before exploding on the first impactful drop, he once again creates a cesspool of snapping percussion and breaks that skit between beats. Building and detonating, it presents yet another edition to Tobax's extensive sub-genre knowledge, whilst still throbbing with a nastiness prevalent throughout all his music. This is followed by its instrumental, which misses Talabun yet still manages to cause serious damage. It adds another layer, making the producer's talent clear from the outset. Even without the MC's lead, he can still create a compact atmosphere through a stellar composition.

Signifying Tobax's ascent, the ‘Collisions' EP points you into the future. If you want fresh music which is easily dividable from the growing numbers of newcomers across cyberspace, then Tobax brings you a selection of cuts to suit your taste.

Release date: September 30th, 2016
Beatport Exc: 16th Sept
Label: Impact Music
Catalog #: IMPCT001
Source: Cygnus Music PR

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