[Release] A-Sides - Quart LP / Sector 2

The next edition of A-Sides '25 years' LP series is about to be unveiled. After cementing his vision with its counterpart, he's about to yet again unleash a host of records after playing the rounds for over two and a half decades. So prepare to be introduced across a body of art which has spanned a lifetime. And with it, some of the freshest cuts lifted straight from the legendary producer's career. 

Whether it's his track 'Temptation' with longtime collaborator Makoto, or the jungle scented riddim 'Moonraker', his cross-pollinated approach to music making is exposed. And up first, 'One DJ 2016' goes on to symbolize just how powerfully A-Sides' cuts fire out onto the dancefloor. Alluding to both his status as a producer and behind the decks, this winding, almost magically constructed track sits between rolling drums and Old School Hip Hop like vocals drifting out from the surface. Juxtaposing mysteriously behind every rise and fall the track offers, distorted bass bolsters the composition. It gradually winds up, before launching into all-out dance floor annihilation. 

'Temptation' featuring Makoto brings you into a different world, one which holds up A-Sides more intricate style which makes itself known from record to record. 'Temptation' is beautifully woven, bringing you through on top of a landscape filled with tantalizing beat patterns and unstoppable bassline. Makoto brings with him the production prowess he's infamous for, pulling together a musical sculpture which platforms two drum & bass heavyweights who divert from the mainstream. 

Rolling out next, 'Into Time' follows a similar pattern; it's grittier with pounding, tightly woven drums which ricochet from start to finish. Still finessing that light ethereal feel, whilst adding chunkier elements, A-Sides catches you unaware. 

On the other hand, 'Moonraker' channels a more old-school vibe, taking on board the standard A-Sides shows throughout his entire discography, whilst peddling you towards a more aggressive stance. Alluding to the jungle era with its percussive drum beats, you're taken even further down that path through furtive samples floating between each break. It's definitely one of the more imaginative offerings, despite the whole EP meeting a high benchmark.

This follows swiftly onto 'Stay', which creates a more contemporary ambiance. Underpinned with orchestral strings and very slight filters, it's peppered with ghost-like snare to draw you in even closer. A combination of subtlety and musicality, it mirrors A-Sides lighter records whilst still adding a depth highlighted through recorded instrumentals. It's the epitomic way to wrap up an EP which stands as yet another milestone.

1. A Sides - One DJ 
2. A Sides - Temptation
3. A Sides - Intro Time
4. A Sides - Moonraker
5. A Sides -Stay

Release date:
23rd Sep 2016

Source: Example Media PR
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