[Release] Sencer & Empire strike for Mental Disorder Recordings

MDR016 is going to be released in the end of the month

For those of you that don't know, Mental Disorder Recordings is one of Bulgaria's independent drum and bass labels. In it's catalogue the organization has 15 signed releases, plus a couple of freebies. MDR016 comes straight from Belgium and is freshly delivered by the duo Sencer & Empire. These two youngsters enter the label with a bangin' 2-track EP, serving a pair of ferociously-sounding, aggressive, yet cleverly built tunes which also manage to bring the atmosphere in a notably outstanding way.

Track one goes under the name of Clocker and was solely built by Sencer. Beginning with a howling intro, the artist finds his way into a speedy galloping beat pattern, speeding things up rapidly! The title track brings Empire in to the game, resulting in an even hastier chase through the darkest chambers of your brain. Although Clocker may not be as powerful as Venom, both remind of the old, techier sound. It is no coincidence that lately a lot of producers, both from the neurofunk scene and outside of it, are taking a glance at the history books, bringing the old methods and new technology together. After all, who doesn't love to hear some freshly-backed crispy sounds reminding of the 'good-ol-days'?

MDR016 - Venom EP by Sencer & Empire will be out on sale and up for grabs on the 26th of September.

Hear clips from this release and other music by Mental Disorder Recordings below.

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