[Release] Randall presents: Dawn Raid

Randall presents the mighty Mac 2 recordings with a brand new release from Dawn Raid

Make Me Move: Right from the start you feel the force of the cavernous twisted filtered drums, aided with its vocal stabs. Blasting off with a rock-solid, skanking bass, taking you on a constant rolling excursion. The bass seizes you and holds you in a state of groove. Mid section the half stepping, staggered drum pattern diverts you briefly, before launching back into its dense and deep hypnotic motion. 

The Bartender: This track grabs from the start, opening up with its smooth filtered drums and silky soulful vocals. Setting the mood with an uplifting, feel good summer vibe. It then lifts off with a solid, rolling bass that will get any dance floor moving. It then gets deeper, shifting up the mood with some lively drum percussion and slick vocals keeping you moving right to the end. Be sure not to miss this one.

Light the Beacons: Opening with some serious classic drum vibes, perfect for any DJ to mix, putting you in the mood for something big to come. When it does, it absolutely explodes with rugged growling bass and rolling snares, taking you on a deep dark journey. This track unconditionally gives you no time to breath, keeping up its fiery energy throughout, twisting and turning as it goes leaving you with an intense desire to let loose.
Release Date: October, 3rd
Juno Exclusive: 26th September
Source: Cygnus Music PR
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