[Release] Othercide reveals their Sinister Souls

'My Soul is Sinister' EP is going to be released in the end of September

Alongside the early 2000 vibes and a sound which has dominated Europe’s drum & bass world recently, Sinister Souls bring their own unique twist from a huge musical spectrum. Already a well-known name within their hometown Utrecht, these artists have covered a range of genres before they came together as a duo, from dubstep too industrial hardcore. And with this experience they’ve adapted their own take on your traditional 174bpm format, one which will certainly stand out against the floods of music available online. 

With support from the likes of underground overlords Counterstrike and quick-fire turntablist Dieselboy, their titanic slabs of bass have certainly been making the club rounds. Whether it’s played out by fellow artists or during their own time behind the decks in countries across the globe (including debut shows in the US and Canada) they’re sure to be recognizable amongst the scene’s diligent fan base. They create their own vision for electronic music, taking inspiration from a background which stretches into the furthest corners of its ingenuity. 

Their first LP ‘Beat the Drum Hard’ was released in 2012 on PRSPCT and this follow up single kick-starts their earlier energy. That’s immediately clear with ‘Darkside’, named after the fictional supervillain from DC’s universe… And it’s easy to see why. There’s a clear affirmation of their hardcore roots, with a buildup that’s fist pumpingly heavy. A groove then grasps your sweaty, anticipating palms following a climatic drop; each sub quake submerges you even further into its arrangement. Comic book sample snippets protrude between every segment that allows you to collect yourself. However, you’re not given long before once again the track explodes with carefully articulated stabs. ‘Darkside’ certainly delivers if you’re looking for a harder fix.

On the reverse, you’re met with heavy distortion and grating snare. Sinister Souls take you back out into the murkier waters, this time fronted by MC Mike Redman, who’s interesting vocal style compliments the lumbering half-time bassline. ‘My Soul is Sinister’ definitely channels hip hop’s stylistic features, before it breaks down the tempo which is switched up dramatically. With this track, Sinister Souls are still the producers you know and love, but it’s a refreshing direction to find them going down. A direction their sure to continue pursuing for their forthcoming releases. 

Release Date: September 26th, 2016
Source: Cygnus Music PR
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