[Release] Kiat - Leipzig EP

Kiat from Singapore (founder of the artist group Syndicate Collective) debuts on the label with three tunes that are impeccable in style and substance. From the soothing yet purposeful Brooklyn to the acute manifesto that is Procession and the final but cathartic Slider this EP offers a unique perspective on drum and bass music. The 160 bpm 5 Boroughs Remix by Kabuki (V Rec.) is reflecting exactly the aesthetics of his regular night in Berlin called "New Forms" which he runs in collaboration with no other than D:Bridge. Icelands Agzilla, former tune collaborator with Goldie, shows off his ability to work with the harmonies to a nostalgic feel and contrasts it with classic breakbeats. The title "Leipzig EP" reflects on the special relationship between the label owner's (Booga) homebase in Germany with Kiat. It goes back to 2007 and kicked off with an interesting story involving DJ Storm, dubplates and people still meeting on AIM.


A1 Kiat - Brooklyn
A2 Kiat - Procession
B1 Kiat - Slider
B2 Kiat - Brooklyn (Kabuki's 5 Boroughs Remix)
Kiat - Brooklyn (Agzilla Remix) digital bonus track

Release Date: 09.09.2016
Source: Example Media
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