[Release] Formation Records pres. FORM12191 by Kihmera

Kihmera is a music producer, songwriter, audio engineer and DJ originally from Newcastle, UK and currently based in Leicester, UK.

A music enthusiast from a young age, listening to anything he could and playing guitar and piano with his father, Kihmera's foray into DJing began in 1995 at the age of 14. At 16, he became obsessed with drum and bass, and he’s never looked back. After music college in Newcastle, he hooked up with Generation Dub (Original Sin & Sub Zero) and began running Newcastle's famous AREA51 Events.

After a few years of running events, DJing and toying with production, Kihmera decided to concentrate all his efforts on producing and engineering music and made the move Leicester to join up with the Leicester stronghold of Original Sin, Sub Zero, Taxman, Jaydan, DJ SS and Supreme Being.

Kihmera has had releases on Original Sin's label (under former artist alias Dan Blackout), Image Muzik. His debut release 'Storm (Your Game)' (Featured on Image Muzik's 'We Are Your Friends' LP) was supported by drum and bass's biggest players including Friction, Crissy Criss & Grooverider, and also got a substantial amount of on-line coverage thanks to Liquicity featuring the track on their YouTube Channel.

Twitter - @Kihmera
Instagram - @KihmeraMusic
Youtube - /TheDanBlackout

Source: Formation Records
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