[Release] Formation Pres. FORM12190: Pulsar/ Shadows by Decline & Ignore

Decline & Ignore (Pavel and Vadim) 
a promising duo from Russia, Moscow region, Fryazino, formed not so long ago, in February 2016, featuring its experimental ideas and extraordinary sound. This ambitious collaboration in such a short time of its existence has already noted on the label such as the Celsius Recs collaboration with Black Barrel, is also expected to release Inception Audio, Formation Recs. Also playing their tracks in various radio shows and podcasts. At the moment the guys are developing new projects, which are difficult to define in terms of genre, but this elegant mixture of drum and bass, deep harmonic melody can not remain indifferent true connoisseurs the world dnb scene!


1. Decline & Ignore - Shadows

2. Decline & ignore - PULSAR

Source: Formation Records
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