[Release] Druid Records pres. Alone in the Dark EP

What can be taken from a name like ‘Alone in the  Dark'?  The  music  creeps  out  from  its  track
title  and  grabs  you  unaware,  a  biting,  snarling collection  of  tracks  ready  to  hold  you  captive
And  leading  this  assault  is  Wresker  &  Kilobite, two  inventive  names  within  drum  &  bass
who  are  about  to  take  you  on  a  rollercoaster  of  distorted basslines and unforgiving build.

Discovering his love for music at an early age, German producer Wresker turned his hand at drum & bass after  playing  a  wide  range  of  instruments  growing  up.  Being  perfectly  positioned  in  the city  of  Berlin,  he drew  from  the  cities  inspiration  and  found  himself  in  one  of  the  best cultural  hubs  to  develop  his production  skills.  On  these  next  three  cuts,  his  counterpart Kilobite  followed  a  similar  path.  Taking influence  from  a  sound  which  is  currently  holding the torch  within  European  venues,  they've  come together alongside Druid Records to create a quality package. One that's about to be explored.

Title-track ‘Alone in the dark' really sets the pace. Quickly fired out beats hit you in succession, with flailing drum  routines  smacking  you  head  on  in  every  round.  Be  careful  what  you  find  within its  darkly  lit composition,  because  it's  likely  you'll  be  dragged  in  on  first  listen.  You're  given a  slight  reprieve  midway through,  before  once  again  you're  taken  down  pitch  black  roads whilst  being  shot  at  from  every  angle. Prepare to be jumped, because that's exactly what Wresker & Kilobite have set up on this musical trail.

‘Calculon' takes a techier approach, with spaced out pads and fluctuating synth. A gradual elevation leaves you free falling through a whirlwind of quickly snapping beats and peddled kick drum. You're sped through a dynamic make up of twisted bass, yet underpinned by a groove that helps to keep the momentum. There are no signs of stopping at this check point.

Then you have ‘Gravitron', a foreboding mixture of weirdly provocative stabs at a high frequency, catching you  obliviouslyevery time  they  throw  a  punch.  It  takes  you  into  another  world, breaking  out  of  a  strict paradigm often adhered to by other producers yet they still manage to capture your attention. This is what Wresker  &  Kilobite are  becoming  renowned  for.  Taking production  into  a  rougher  sea  and breaking  the mold... Music not the faint hearted.

Beatport Exc.: 03.10.2016
Release Date: 17.10.2016
Source: Druid Records


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