[Release] Digital shows us The Shame of Mankind

Digital's forthcoming EP is one that's been hotly tipped for 2016. When you first open yourself up to its collection, prepare to become drawn in by a talent instantly recognizable. For years Digital has been making his mark, although this is now being immortalized through this EP. One he's been working over diligently since he first came under the spotlight.

Function Records stood as the right platform for Digital to release ‘The Shame of Mankind'. Forebodingly named, it took an imprint like Function to give the creative license, providing a drum & bass newcomer with his next step up. And they've provided, ready to unleash an EP that'll certify Digital's place within the genre's more diversive hub.

To begin the EP, you're thrown head-first into ‘Crater Face'. It's a whirring flurry of beats and clanking drums, epitomizing the way Digital drives you deep into his center of production and gives you no reprieve. Well-crafted yet still catching you unaware with every change in hook, it serves as a marker for what's to come. ‘Force Field' channels the same dynamic and it's at this point you realize there will be no throwaway records throughout the EP. Twisting and turning between sniping pads and fluctuating notes, it keeps the momentum building throughout this next release.

Inside the Mind' brings you into an even heavier current, with resounding drums taking you further and further into a mix that's difficult to escape from. Prepare to be encapsulated by Digital, because right now he's showing no signs of slowing down from his 170bpm pace. Title-track ‘The Shame of Mankind' stands just over midway, not allowing you time to catch your breath before you're taken on board a bassline which twists and dives through carefully constructed breaks. Soon it becomes clear why this record stands as the projects center piece.

Carrying on the theme is ‘Far Cry' and ‘Abducted (Missing Time)'. The other worldly feel conjured by the whole EP moves through both these records, with digitalized cutting samples falling through their engineering. Whilst ‘Far Cry' peddles forward on tinny drums and ufo-like humanistic voices floating through its layers, ‘Abducted (Missing Time)' breaks straight through any stringent rules for drum & bass and focuses on drum patterns that take hold of you and won't let go.

Looking back at the EP as a whole, it's easy to fall straight into the story-line created by its bundle. An extra-terrestrial journey through time, Digital takes you into a world that's inherently his... Breaking out of a prototype held for generations.

Release Date: October 6th
Source: Cygnus Music PR
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