[Q&A] Rawtekk: It is not interesting to only adapt to and to reproduce cliches

Rawtekk is a duo, created in Hamburg in 1999. It consists of Stefan and Christine Westphal. Several months ago they releases the phenomenal album 'Here’s to Them' which was brought onto this world by the laboratory at Med School Music. Thereafter, we didn't dared not ask questions. But when they announced the double compilation  'Reloaded' for MethLab Recordings, we took it upon ourselves to send them an interview request. Fortunately, Christine and Stefan answered the invite and thanks to Jef (manager at MethLab and Terminal Project), the interview was completed and the answers were delivered to us. This interview will positively introduce you to a lot of aspects of the experimentally-driven Rawtekk, which you could follow on the following links:




Hey, Stefan & Christine! When and how was Rawtekk born?

Hey! :-D Originally Rawtekk was a pure DnB project founded by Stefan more than ten years ago. Both of us had many other projects at that time and we always worked together in many different ways.    

What inspires you as artists? Where do you gain inspiration for your experiments?

Basically everything inspires us: Our musical imprinting, noises surrounding us, our paradigma shifts… Also through working on commercial jobs we gain inspiration and experience or the other way around.   

Alright, why are experiments such a rarity when it comes to bass music? There are just a few artists that seem to try something groundbreaking. Why did you choose to take this road?

On the one hand we think that it’s not interesting to only adapt to and to reproduce cliches, but on the other hand we don’t think that we have the right to judge other producers who might also be passionate about the music they make. We believe that it’s a good and important thing to know how a musical genre works and as a musician to be able to use this knowledge in order to compose a good song. For us personally this is not enough though. We feel the urge to dive very deep into creating an abundance of sound unfolding in manifold ways. 

You launched a compilation named 'Reloaded' and recently you announced the first part. What's the concept behind the 'Reloaded' project, what type of tracks will it include and why did you start it in the first place?

We decided to revise, reimagine, redefine and remaster our earlier tracks and bring them together in two compilations named ’Reloaded' Pt. 1 & 2.
See articles: Part 1 / Part 2 
Many people  repeatedly asked for those tracks and although Rawtekk's music has changed with our debut 'Sprouted And Formed' and the last album 'Here’s to Them' we still love the old songs and wanted to refresh them. 

With this compilation you start a new stage in terms of your works. What will this new stage be like?

Basically this compilation is summing up our past. It's more reminiscent than representing our present path which is represented best by our album 'Here’s To Them'

Apart from your DnB project you also work on writing music for commercials and video clips under the name of Noise Design. Apart from the difference in the genres, how do the two projects differ from one another?

Usually Rawtekk und Noise Design don’t have a lot in common, because Noise Design is a service and depends on the client’s needs. Only last year we were able to combine the two projects by creating a signature kit for Steinberg called Neuro Mindset made by Rawtekk including sounds and drum kits for Groove Agent 4. We recorded, collected and designed about 600 different typical Rawtekk sounds to choose from including kicks, snares, hats, percussion, synths and sound effects and developed 30 drum kits and 350 patterns focusing on d&b classics and basics and some subgenres like neuro funk and neuro hop, electro and electronica. 

What type of software do you use in the studio and why is it your weapon of choice?

Our main DAW and weapon of choice is Cubase. We also use Ableton, FL Studio, Audition and sometimes Logic as tools to achieve our desired sound, but in the end every stamp will be placed into the final mix in Cubase. Products from NI like Reactor offer a vast variety of sound. We love Arturia and UAD, but we also like using hardware like our Roland Jupiter-4 and we always try to find new tools and ways to use our tools.

What gear do you use when performing live? Do you have a fixed setup or not?

It took us weeks to develop a perfect setlist and setup for our 'Here’s To Them' tour. With our new releases we will tweak and change everything again. We decided to give up on hoping that one day we will have anything fixed.

Thank you for your time! You can add anything we didn't touch upon here.

You might want to check our official video made by the Denial of Service:

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