[Q&A] (Late) Morning cofee with Squarewave

It has been a long time since our latest interview with Kiril Djaikovski. Our summer shedule was full of articles and coverage, and many of our teammates had to take a break for their seaside vacations. That made us well-occupied during the hot months and weren't able to do many interviews. With the coming of the fall, we are reuniting our full roster and it's time to bring back some of the forgotten rubrics. So, here is the first interview for the season in which we are talking with the British dubstep producer Squarewave. In this talk, we touched upon several themes and asked questions about the future and previous projects of the artist and for the Bass music in general. Squarewave gave us his answers and here is the interview. It can be compared to our rubric 'morning cofee', where we are adding the short, but well informative interviews like this one. Enjoy the read:

You mainly go after the grime dubstep sounding. Most people see them as two separate things, yet as if with each next day we can see more and more crossing points between the two genres. What is the common thing between grime and dubstep that makes them go so well with one another?

The tempo is the main thing as both are around 140bpm. I personally love hearing grime mc's over deep dubstep beats. Flowdan always kills it every year at Outlook.

You started your career as a DnB & Jungle producer. Why did you shift your views? Do you still do 170+ bpm compositions?

I still make a lot of music at many different tempos. i started with Dnb Jungle because those are the records I first started buying and going to dnb raves in London.

You had a very successful project alongside Shandy and Sukh Knight that went under the name of Nasha Experience. What happened to this project? Does it still exist or you've left it behind?

Ges-E and Osmani Soundz were the founders of Nasha Records and Nasha Experience. Over the years everyone started to work on their own projects, however them guys are still making great music.

This is a common question on our website- As someone who has been in touch with loads of variable bass music, do you think there is a common language that all bass genres use or would you rather say that the gap between the different kinds of bass is getting wider?

Well you used the key word - bass.. I like to think I make soundsystem music, so regardless of tempo and styles if its got a heavy bassline and groove it works for me.

Let's look towards your future projects. What are you cooking at the moment? 

I have my second release on Moonshine Recordings coming out on 9th Sept... working on many collabs nowadays with UK and USA producers with lots of releases to come. people like Occult, The Widdler and some female vocallists.

Also keep an eye on my label New World Audio - got some great music coming out on there from Shandy, Sukh Knight and some killer remixes that a lot of top djs are playing atm. Plus I have been producing more hip hop beats for a variety of mcs
and we are working on a bunch of videos too.

Thank you for your time! Wish something to the readers.

Tune into my radio show on www.koollondon.com on Thursday nights. I play and test all our new music on the show.

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