[Q&A] M-Zine & Scepticz: We just love putting in work and having fun in the studio

Like many other similiar projects coming from Belgium, the duo M-Zine & Scepticz is more than just well-acepted on the global music scene. Joeri and Tom have been enjoying great success at the global drum and bass scene, while their releases can be seen on labels such as 31 Records, Samurai Music, Demand, Diffrent, Proximity and many more. The reason we asked them for an interview was their latest release that goes under the name Neither / Obviateon out now on Dispatch LTD. Thanks to the support we got from Alex Smiler (PR at Dispatch), we managed to have a small talk with the two Belgians, considering their latter release, the scene in Belgium, and some other stuff about their work in the studio. You can check their answers in the following lines, but before doing so you can first follow these two on the web:



Hello, Joeri & Tom! Tell us more about how your collaboration started. How did you realize you wanted to work together?

­We first met when Tom needed a ride to play a gig in Ghent called “Steam” at Decadance. It all kind of naturally developed from there into the partnership it has become today.­

You've been a part of the Belgian DnB community for a long time. Tell us more about the Belgian scene. Which genres are the most popular, which are the biggest clubs and parties? How is the Belgian drum and bass developing?

­There are a couple of big parties in BE, Star Warz (ran by One87) being the leading event in underground dnb music, besides that there’s several new big clubs in BE, Ampère in Antwerp is one of the newest clubs to grace our homeland, they’ve contributed to some major line­ups these last years. Gotta big up Mentality crew for doing their thing in Brussels, and promoting the hell out of some great music. As for the development of dnb in BE, there’s some interesting things on the horizon, as is always the case ;)­

You have a lot of releases in the biggest labels' catalogues. What did it take to achieve releases for 31 Recordings, Dispatch, Samurai, Diffrent, Demand? What did you sacrifice personally in order to make it on the big scene?

­We sacrificed nothing to be honest, we just loved putting in work, and having fun in the studio, going to almost every single major event in BE, whatever seemed like the most fun to do at the time.­

Your latest release for Dispatch is out now (DIS026LTD). Tell us more about it. How much time did you put in making it? How many tracks are in it? What is the tracks' message?

­Time is relative, I think each of the tunes took about 4 sessions in total to finish and mix down properly. There’s 2 tracks on there called “Nether” and “Obviate”, “Nether” is the more technical tune out of the 2 with some winks to the oldschool flex, where as “Obviate” is a bit more of techy rollout tune.­

How and when did you become a part of Dispatch?

­We became part of the Dispatch back catalogue when we had our first release on there ; “Point Of No Return” b/w “Reflexions” ft. Detail and “Chronicles” ft. Matt Pulsar as a digital exclusive.­

Thank you for your time! Please wish our readers something!

­You’re welcome, it was great doing this interview. We want to wish all the readers a great rave and loads of fun.­

Buy links:
Dispatch store: http://bit.ly/disltd026
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2aUX18m
Beatport: http://btprt.dj/2cOK6pb
iTunes: smarturl.it/DISLTD026
Juno Download: http://bit.ly/2cvKVU3
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2cKDWYs
Boomkat: http://bit.ly/2cOdCLE

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