Lenzman is going to headline a Roll the Drums night in Belgrade

Roll the Drums is a young organization, formed in 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia. Although they are just one year old, the boys in the team show acumen towards staging interesting Drum and Bass parties. In the middle of October, one of the biggest stars from the titanic label Metalheadz is going to visit club DOT in Belgrade - Lenzman himself is going to come to the Serbian capital, at the invitation of Roll the Drums.

The Dutchman is one of the leading Liquid performers in the world. His style is mottled with depth and melody of the tracks, while the big number of samples and the right vocals contribute to the versatility of his work. On stage Lenzman is going to be supported by his compatriot MC Dan Stezo. The performer is one of the geniuses of the Dutch hip-hop and is a part of the scene for more than two decades. Surely the two guest-artists are going to show us a sensational synchronicity and are going to reward the fans in DOT with a terrific performance, which is going to be remembered for a long time in the Serbian capital (and elsewhere!).

Other than the Dutch star, several Serbian artists are also going to be performing. Roll the Drums is going to be represented by almost the whole crew. Maybe the only name, already known to our readers, is Dzonidza, who was a part of one of Drop Sensei's big spring events. Other then him, we can expect to hear local talents Bitz and Rim Runner. MC Don Dada is going to be responsible for the audience's correct vibe.

The event is going to be held on the 14th of October. The starting hour is 22:00. The first category of tickets was available from today, the 30th of September, and costs 500 dinars (around 8 leva/4 euro)
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