[Release] Radicall - Ghost Notes EP

Switching from the analogue to the digital, we’re back with a followup to “ Ghost Notes ” – Radicall ’s latest album. We’re talking about a digitalonly fourtrack remix EP. In case you were wondering what you get when you combine a supertalent with even more supertalents, this EP is your answer. Radicall lends his signature blend of atmospheric backgrounds, fat basslines, and rolling and crisp beats to serve as an input material to be reshaped by the likes of LM1 , Handra , Future Engineers, and Silence Groove; each of them a master of their own trade, and each of them with a different take on the main theme. LM1 turns “ Quantum ” into a steadyflowing Offworldish atmospheric roller, Handra transform “ Silent Voices” into a smooth, nofrills danceflooresque stepper, Future Engineers offer a techmospheric hardstepping rendition of “ Superior Dark ”, and Silence Groove closes the EP by adding a fantastic atmojungle twist to “ Femme Fatale ”. Excellence reinterpreted.

Source: Triple Vision Distribution
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