[Release] Red Light pres. Energy EP by Disphonia

Its banishment had come centuries in the past, exiled to the vast, barren wasteland of Echo Prime – a shadow of itself, depleted of its power. For years it had roamed those lands, subsisting… barely alive… suspended on the edge of the enforced purgatory of eternity. It gathered what it could from this place – every morsel replenishing its being in the smallest of increments. Now, all these years later it found itself at the edge of the parched earth, the haze of the city in the distance… it felt again the power coursing through it, completing it – pulling up the very earth around it with overwhelming ENERGY. Its time had come again - its return would be monumental…

DISPHONIA return with two heavy-hitting tracks filled with the brutally compacted energy of their production hiatus – delivering the pure relentless power of ENERGY with a towering, ethnic-tinged half-step intro that explodes into a full-frontal neurofunk assault. BACK TO THE OLD SCHOOL brings in seasoned MC KRYPTOMEDIC for a nostalgic, yet cutting-edge slice of genre purity, unleashing a high-tech assault on the senses. With this impactful pair of tracks on OPTIV’s breeding ground of talent – RED LIGHT RECORDS – the pair prove once again their attention to detail and ability to smash the dance. With Energy already supported by Noisia on their radio show and receiving wide acclaim from the d&b sphere – this is a release set to go far…

Release Date: September 16th, 2016
Label: Red Light Records
Catalog Number: RLDIG023
Beatport Exc: 2nd Sept

Source: Cygnus Music PR
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