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One of the biggest attractions at Outlook Festival are Lotka-Partitata. Each year the bay at Pula (Croatia) gathers some of the top-notch artists on the global bass scene. In 2016, during the festival, each day, more than 10 boats will cruise the waters of the Adriatic sea near Istra's largest city, giving visitors the chance to enjoy the wonderful view of South Croatia in the company of their favorite artists. The festival itself begins on the 31st of August and will continue until the 5th of September. The first boats will set sail on the 1st of August, a day after the Opening concert.

Just like every previous year, the world drum and bass elite will take part in this one-of-a-kind summer sea festival in Croatia. At the top of the festival's schedule we notice that the first impressive bass-driven boats will shove off on the first day after the festival's official launch. September will start with a fierce Metalheadz bash in the company of Goldie, Scar, Detboi and MC Codebreaker. The boat sets sail at 13:00 (local time), however don't get too excited unless you already have a ticket, as this one is sold out! Of course, there will be other parties for the true headz, as at the same time there will be an "Australia and New Zealand boat party" including Ant TC1, Doc Scott and more. On Saturday, 12 o'clock, noon, Soul:R will also join the yacht club by presenting new stress relief techniques at their Soul:utioin session. The label will be presented by Calibre, LSB and, of course, Marcus Intalex as captain. Again on Saturday, the 20/20 boat will set sail at 15:45 with Noisia, Ivy Lab, Alix Perez and Greazus on board. Noisia & Ivy Lab, will later be properly supported by Skeptical, showing class at the Invisible boat party that starts at 19:30. On Sunday Dispatch Recordings will be represented by Skeprtikal, Survival, Gera & Stone and DLR, MedSchool Music invites their full roster, while Hospital gather almost everyone on the team for their boat. Unluckily, the last three boats we mentioned are already packed!

Our favourite dubstep is nowhere near underrated at Outlook Festival. Just by taking a glance at the program, we see the Resident Advisor boat which will gather Youngsta, Kahn & Neek and Hodge on Thursday night, Deep, Dark & Dangerous will bring together TRUTH, Youngsta, Kaiju and more on Friday at 13:00, later the same day, Bandulu will welcome Kahn & Neek, Commodo, Killa P plus more at 15:45, DEEP MEDI, with.... more than 20 artists, will set sail for a shaking cruise on Saturday in 14:45. Contact gathers Youngsta, J:Kenzo, TRUTH and more for the afternoon on Saturday, alongside many other promising boats which we couldn't include in the article, but are definitely worth to check. The grime cousins of deep dubstep will also bring a lot of fire on board. Worth the mention are Levelz which will take over on Thursday, Electrical Sound System are just one day away, and Hyperdub (OK,OK, this is dubstep) on Saturday.

A lot of hip-hop will be spilled all over as well. We shouldn't ignore the summer vibes brought by all those reggae and dub sound systems, UK's varying garage, the numerous electronic music parties and whatnot. On the boats, visitors will be able to hear the sound system pioneers Iration Steppas and Mungo's Hi-Fi, British rappers High Focus, Garage titans like Zed Bias and many, really, many more. Check the link with all boat parties at the end of this publication. Here is some more important information regarding the parties in open waters:

- You need an Outlook Festival ticket to be able to attend Boat Parties.
- Boat Party tickets will go on sale on Thursday, June 2nd (8pm UK / 9pm EU)
- Tickets will be priced £17.50  (+BF)
- Make sure you don’t book tickets on boats that clash, the times are indicated on the artworks below and the ticket pages.
- If it says a boat is “Unavailable” it means the platform is too busy, so keep refreshing the page. A boat is not sold out until it says “Sold Out”.
- You can book up to 5 tickets for any boat at once. You will need to provide the full names of everyone attending when you purchase so make sure you have them ready.
- You will have 10 minutes to complete your purchase before the tickets are re-released, so make sure you have all the names, at least one email address and your payment details ready.
- Boat party tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable, you cannot sell/give them to someone else, or swap for a different boat. Please note that this is non negotiable.

See more info here: http://www.outlookfestival.com/tickets/boat-parties/
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