Outlook Festival 2016: The Opening Concert

Outlook Festival is one of the biggest musical festivals around the Globe and annually gives bass fans unforgettable experiences to share. The last couple of editions were held in the beginning of September and this year the festival returns with full force from the 31st of August up until the 5th of September. As previous years, the festival will take place in the vicinity of Pula (Northwest Croatia). Traditionally, the first night will be dedicated to the grand Opening Concert.

The festival will kick-off at Pula's amphitheater, which is among the biggest preserved amphitheaters on the planet and is the largest one located outside the borders of Italy. Nearly 2000 years after the last gladiator fights, the time for people to gather on the benches has come once again, only this time for a show even more thrilling. The acoustics will add up to the powerful sounding, resulting in a blasting opening, while the walls of the intact amphitheater will be highlighted by lighting effects and projectors- a sight available only once a year!

Well, in 2016 the world enjoys a huge diversity of combat sports that have their own arenas. That is exactly why, in this very day, Pula Arena will host a rumble of a greater caliber, an unheard sound clash. Main star of the night at the theater will be no other but the one and only Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley:

"A self-proclaimed ‘Spiritual Revolutionary’, Damian has worked assiduously throughout his career to carve his own niche in music history and to add a new perspective to the Marley legacy for the 21st century. It is our great honour to welcome the man behind such legendary albums as "Welcome To Jamrock" and "Distant Relatives" (in collaboration with Nas)" - Outlook Festival

The Reggae and Dub sounding will be supported by Iration Steppaz. This pioneer sound system has been proclaiming the power music across the world for many years and for the last couple editions of the festival it became an irremovable participant at Outlook. The Detroit hip-hop project Slum Village will give their fans a taste of their new album 'Yes'. Later, the hip-hop outburst will continue with the European trio A State of Mind, who transform and knit together soul, funk and film music in an unmatched way.

Just to enhance your experience, Outlook Festival give you the possibility to use a Boat Taxi from the Harbour Stage at the very festival. Price for both ways will be 6 GBP. As for the Opening Concert- tickets are currently on sale for 35 quid.

More info: Outlook Festival - Official Website

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