Membrain Festival: 18.08 - 21.08 @ Sibenik, Croatia

Today we introduce to you a festival, of which we are not yet official partners, that’s about to be held this month in Croatia. After all, we thought that Membrain Festival would be great content on our, otherwise small, platform as it gives us a wide range of different bass music and an interesting selection of artists. Not to mention the location that also adds up to the ‘Underground’ notion of the event.

Membrain Festival will be held between the 18th and the 21st of August at the abandoned military base at Minerska Beach in the vicinity of Sibenik (Croatia). During the three days of the fesital visitors will be glad to hear 72 artists, all of which have affinity for the highly varied bass music we all love. During the night part of the festival, the organizers have chosen three disused military hangars, which provide perfect conditions for a good party and other events of such kind. Apart from the night program of the festival, the festival will also have its separate Main Stage and beach parties during day time. This will be the first edition of Membrain Festival, yet it is clear that the organizers have done a lot to present what the underground sound system culture truly is. As you probably already know, the event is organized by foreign invrstors from Britain (just like other festivals in Croatia and around the globe).

Throughout the three-day event the three hangars will all represent a different genre. Hangar 1 will host mainly Drum and Bass (Neurofunk, Liquid & Jump Up), with Hybrid Minds, Sub Zero, Jaydan, Numa Crew, Levelz as main headliners, plus more. At Hangar 2 the stress falls on Reggae, Dub, Jungle & Tripical, listeners will be in the company of  Duffer, Content, Envy MC as well as many other guests from all-over Europe. This hangar will even welcome a Bulgarian souja, we’re speaking of Lazy Face and Croatian artist from Sofia based Dubstep label Platform Music - 207. The third hangar will welcome everyone that enjoys the deep, deadly Dubstep / Grime rythms, on stage we will hear  H3MP (Grime set, supposedly), our partners and friends from Route 1 Audio (UK), plus 20 more artists. The Beach stage will be cranking all day, while at night this will be the chill spot for anyone that wants to take a fresh air from the powerful sound systems inside as the playlist at this stage will be all about the loungin’.

The Solar Stage also looks quite interesting, as this is where we will hear showcases presented by the collectives 140 Ninja, BassPort FM, Delta9 Recordings and Ransaked Records. The sound systems, responsible for what you hear during the festival are: Boca Sound System and Mass Matters. A couple of launch parties will be held in Amsterdam, Valencia, Ljubljana, Barcelona, Zagreb, London and Sozopol before the big bash at Sibenik. Although, we missed the one that was held in Sozopol, Bass Blog Bulgaria will make sure we join in on this wonderful opportunity to go back to Croatia for more unforgettable musical experiences.

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