[Release] Mainframe pres. Zero Point / AI by DubApe

DubApe, one outstanding, peculiar artist of the Mainframe family does for sure stand for himself releasing two highly energetic tracks with such a grip no one can leave them unnoticed.

This time he moved away from the more deepspace chillout music to making cyber punkesque neurofunk tracks. Zero Point featuring Deafblind forces your heart to follow its lead. The frequent pauses and the high notes mixed with low base perfectly indicate the quantum vacuum zero point energy. Everything starts here. AI is definitely a robotic track, full of mind-crashing riffs that give you a post apocalyptic, endof-the-world-but-we-need-to-keep-going feeling.

The two tracks could easily stand for birth and death, the zero and the end.

Release Date: September 9th, 2016
Beatport Exc: 26th Aug
Label: Mainframe
Catalog Number: MFR080
Source: Cygnus Music PR

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