Let it Roll Open Air 2016 Review

25 000 drum and bass fans from around the world
shook the airport at Milovice

Let it Roll is the biggest drum and bass event in the world and for the ninth year in a row gathered thousands of fans of that genre of electronic music from around the globe. This year the festival reached a record number of visitors – 25 000 “bass heads” from the whole world danced for three days under the open sky on the airport of Milovice village in the vicinity of Prague, The Czech Republic. Without a doubt the experience cannot be described in its full brilliance from any of the visitors, but in the following paragraphs we will try to give an accurate account of what we’ve seen while on Czech land.

 A serious effort into organization is required in order to achieve something successful for an event with such dimensions and as we can see year after year Let it Roll is a festival that’s developed on an exceptionally high professional level. As has been every year, the organizers had thought of the comfort of every visitor – from the artists to the audience and indubitably there wasn’t anything that was overlooked. Immediately after entering in the parking zone the music from the festival was already shaking the ground and the happy smiles of everybody who was in there could be noticed right away.  Passing the entrance, the whole atmosphere was making an impression – it predisposed you to stay there not for three days, but for a whole month. Starting with the camping zone, separated in a Camp zone, VIP Camp, Car camp and Tour bus camp, the festival also had a special tent zone with specially built tents for everyone that didn’t own one. Making one’s way into the depths of the festival, a lot more conveniences could be seen. Two separate baths, countless eco-toilets (that were cleaned several times a day), several bars just at the entrance of the festival, two ATMs and a separate location for the safe-keeping of luggage and charging of mobile phones and other gadgets were all present in the camp zones. Regarding the food, the organizers had provided for every customer’s taste. The festival provided the audience by means of several food zones in which they offered pancakes, noodles, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, doner kebab and gyros, rice, Chinese food, freshly squeezed fruit juices, smoothies, ice cream, fruit, muesli, salads and a lot more foods, satisfying the taste of even the most capricious of vegans. Congratulations to the organizers for the variety of food and drink that were offered in the food zones!

Due to the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, every car was thoroughly checked by the police before being permitted to enter in the parking zone of the festival. Both IDs of every visitor as well as driver’s licenses of every driver were checked vefore entering the festival – and some people even got their luggage checked. The safety of the artists and the audience was a priority, as absolutely no glass items or knives, items with sharp edges or otherwise dangerous were permitted with everyone’s hand luggage being checked at the entrance of the festival. Several ambulances and paramedic teams were present in case of emergency. When entering the festival with a car the drivers were checked with a breathalyzer in order to ensure the safety on the roads and possibly saving an indefinite amount of lives. In short – the safety of everyone present was in the hands of professionals, who did their jobs perfectly and that’s exactly how every event of such massive dimensions should operate.

But let’s move on to the more interesting part of our review – the festival itself. The organizers had covered the tastes of absolutely all of the visitors with a wide variety of genres and sub-genres. The festival zone was separated in nine different stages which were predestined for the use of a specific music organization each night. The stages were – Main stage, Madhouse stage, Factory stage, Underworld stage, Port stage, BassDrop stage, Techno stage, Live stage and Camp stage. Other than the individual stages, the festival zone had a Merchandise shop, which was full of people at any point in time; a Meet & greet zone, where you could meet your favourite artists, greet them and take a photo with them; Platinum terrace, which the VIP ticket buyers could get into and watch the festival from up high; and a Day zone where different fun activities were located, like a human catapult, water skateboard, a step contest, a climbing wall, graffiti art and other interesting activities. When entering the Stage zone the Techno stage in particular left an impression, because it was always full of dancing people, even though they came for the drum and bass. Other than that, the Camp stage was the one that didn’t ever stop playing music, with the start already given on Wednesday. Congratulations to the organizers for providing for the people who start the party from early on.
The first night of Let it Roll started on July 28th at 18:00. On every stage there was a different label showcasing different musical styles, as follows:

Congratulations to L 33 who represented Bulgaria on an extremely high level early in the night and was well-received by the present Bulgarians. Without a doubt, Eatbrain were really good and managed to build up a rivalry with Hospitality, who were on the bigger stage – Factory Stage. Although the space that Eatbrain had on their stage was quite small for a label as big as theirs, their representatives succeeded in drawing level with the number of people at the Hospitality stage. The result was two massive, concurrent stages that dominated the others. Although, the consequence of that congestion of people was that it was incredibly hot. Nevertheless, we feel that the experience was worth it.

While exiting the festival on the first night, people could see the Main Stage, being prepared for its opening on the next day – and it was massive. Before that, however, during the day the audience could experience a variety of different contests and daily activities. Congrats to The Kick Snare Crew who once again were brilliant and showed everyone how to dance to DnB. Besides the DnB Step Contest, visitors could participate in water skateboard contests, they could climb a wall, shoot each other with water pistols, enjoy the hairdressers’ show or just relax in the Chill Zone. During the day visitors could board a party bus, that was constantly moving through the festival zones and they could listen to their favourite artists once again, this time – on wheels. Amongst the stages there were tents that sold different interesting souvenirs like masks, clothes, smoking accessories, etc. Among them was the Merchandise Shop, which was not only non-stop full of people, but that’s exactly why it was emptied out extremely quickly.

Tradition dictates that a little bit after sundown the festival would officially begin with a spectacular opening show. The euphoria of the light show and the fireworks left everyone speechless. It’s hard to describe what we saw with simple words, so we would advise everyone with the means to do so to attend that event at least once in their lives.

The second night’s program for the label showcases on the stages was as follows:

Regretfully, we are not able to present a review of every individual artist, because of their sheer number, but every one of them managed to offer the audience his own twist on the genre and his own memorable style of mixing. Besides the beautiful and stupendous fireworks show on the Main Stage, the other stages also had a lot to offer with a harmony of visuals that left everybody impressed.

The second night saw countless people spread out between the stages and in the activity zones – all of them with huge smiles and shining eyes full of happiness. Everything was organized with huge amounts of effort that was sure to bring lots of success. One could see that everyone are enjoying themselves without any discomfort whatsoever – everything was perfect.

Every one of those three magical nights was full of energy flowing from every direction in the festival. After the grandiose light and music show of the second day, it was time for the third and last day of the bass marathon. The stages were once again distributed to different labels:

Although this year there was no light show on the third night, it wasn’t worse in any way than the previous two. On the contrary – it was as if the visitors were three times more than the preceding days. Without a doubt, the three biggest stages had drawn out everybody from the tents and all 25 000 that were present had gathered at once. The lights, the music, the emotions from the experience had captured the people until sunrise and nobody wanted this musical fairy tale to end. Even the sunrise was a magical green hue, while everybody were impressed by the lonely figure of a man dancing on top of a rock, which was towering over the festival.

The whole picture at the end of the show left beautiful memories and brought nostalgia for the past three days. At 06:00 in the morning on the 31st of July the last sound from the festival stopped vibrating through the air and the music subsided. The festival was over. At that exact moment all the 25 000 people present screamed and wanted it to continue through the day. That didn’t happen, of course, and the people left for their tents ready for a quick recovery and the journey home.

Final conclusions from the whole experience:

Without a doubt, the festival showcases the best of the global drum n bass scene every year.
Without a doubt, the festival is the most massive event in the world of drum n bass music.
Without a doubt, the festival brought the artists, the audience and everybody connected in any way to the organization countless wonderful moments and memories.
Without a doubt, the festival proved that every year it grows bigger and bigger.
Without a doubt, the festival is the best event that a “bass-head” should visit at least once.

Without a doubt,

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