Detail Recordings pres. Vault 2 by Lynx

Release Date: August 8th, 2016
Label: Detail Recordings
Catalog Number: DETAIL015
Source: Cygnus Music PR

Accomplished, divisive and a producer who's not afraid to break the paradigm. Lynx's technicolor past, pedestalled by the legendary music journalist John Peel, has ensured he's mastered a sound which crosses over from dancefloor to the more technically adept end of music's boundaries. And this hasn't gone unnoticed.

Racking up support from the most illustrious platforms and imprints, he's been cornerstoned by the likes of Resident Advisor, DJ Mag and Mixmag; all coveted publications that reserve space only for those who set a certain standard. As a result, this next EP demonstrates exactly why he's received so much attention. From the radio airwaves to cyberspace, ‘Vault 2' will be highlighted as a return to form… Reminding fans and new listeners alike that there's more to offer from his journey.

After the first segment's runaway success, with backing from the dance world's biggest tastemakers, he's once again ignited the retrospective series. Collecting over two decades of work, it's unsurprising he's had such an impact… One that's spanned from leading imprints Hospital and Ram Records, to Soul:R and Digital Soundboy, who spearhead the scene's underground.

However, it's not just Lynx who proves his unbridled skill set throughout this next release. With his expert A&R, a range of featuring artists add their own signature twist to the track listing. The variety is what makes this EP stand out and it's a variety which reflects his repertoire.

The EP's introduction, ‘Girl Like U' features the lofty, ragga-led vocals of Singer J and Lynx's infamous rolling bassline and jungle breaks. Exposing the artistry which Lynx commands, it shows an old-school flare which solidifies his antiquity. On the other hand, his collaboration with Malibu New Shoes' gives a more snapping edge; it cracks with each beat pattern and hi hat, creating a conundrum of carefully tightened composition which is easy to become lost in.

Over the years, the production partnership between Hellrazor and Lynx has resulted in a very high standard of output. ‘Some Day' sees them mirroring previous releases, keeping the bar raised whilst allowing themselves to dip into murkier waters, whilst their second contribution ‘Jungle Pop' is pumped with distorted bass. ‘Jungle Pop' is as quirky as it is border defying, a testament to Lynx's experimental roots and extensive cross genre experience.

Autopilot' flips the switch. Steady, diced up yet driving with energy it's a standalone input work that proves his ingenuity. A reference to anthems past and present, its escalating climaxes hold no mercy. Yet again evidence to support his depth of ability, it's time to be drawn back into the vault. Signposted by the EP's masterful content.
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