[Album] Kantyze strike with their Fourth LP for Platform Music

The Album is going to be released in three versions (Digital, Vinyl and Bandcamp Bonus)

Kantyze made their debut on Platform Music during the summer of 2014 with their single release 'Misery / The Network'. One year later, the 'Underwood EP' came out, featuring their colleges from the label Vallew and Balkansky. Now the time has come for the French duo to return to the Platform for a third time with a full-length album titled "Fourth" which is expected to come out later this summer. The album will consist of 18 tracks and will be released on digital and vinyl (coming with a bandcamp bonus) without any overlapping tracks between the different carriers. Despites Platform Music has a reputation of a Dubstep label, "Fourth" proposes also several tracks in Hip-Hop and even Drum and Bass Tempo.

UPDATE - Due to unforeseen circumstances, the release of the album is postponed for September 28th.


The duo's essentials will be included in the digital copies of the LP. The album 'Fourth' will be the 22nd release on the label, yet the first full-length on Platform Music. The LP includes Monologue, Broadcasting and Looser, which are three classically sounding dubstep tunes, underlining the powerful and grim, yet deep character of the genre. Added to them are the more melodic Floods, Aquadia and Forgotten, which could be described as slightly experimental when it comes to dubstep and even pass along the borders of the genre. Speaking of experiments, the album also includes the tracks Cosmic Con, Mjolnir and Ascension, which show slight trap and grime sound with strong hip-hop influence. Non existent Swine features the moving voice of lyrical artist Ill Chill, who happens to be the only guest-artist on the album.

With the new release, Kantyze continue with the powerful manifestations on the dubstep scene. Regardless that the project is more popular for their drum and bass, the French regularly come up with proper 140 tracks for the likes of Platform Music, Fat Kid on Fire and more. And while Europe is divides itself genre-wise, Kantyze manage to demonstrate that DnB, Dubstep and all the Bass Muisic genres and subgenres are not so far apart.

The album will be launched on September 28th.

Here is the first track from the release, called 'Aquadia'. Keep your eyes open for the next previews, which are going to be uploaded in a short time (at least one track weekly)!


After having Endigo's ' Doppler / Salem ' EP pressed on wax this makes the vinyl issue of 'Fourth' by Kantyze the second hard copy released by Platform Music. On the plate you'll find 4 tracks that carry the initial, deep, stripped-down, classical dubstep sound. The A-side is taken by the absolute banger 'System', which is most certainly the heaviest tune on the album as a whole (including the other release versions) and 'Ogun'. To even things out, the B-side has two tracks written on it. B1 is for ' Where You Are ' and it's strong reverse bass, supported by a beautiful vocal sample and the new school track 'Cosmic Con' with its powerful vibe. With their second vinyl release Platform Music firmly underline the confident step they took forward by starting the series, pledging for more quality wax releases in the future.


A1 - System
A2 - Ogun
B1 - Where You Are
B2 - Cosmic Con


In addition to the digital and vinyl form of the album listeners can find Bandcamp Bonus, comprising the tracks 'Interferences', 'Khaleesi', 'Primatech', 'Mjolnir' and 'Toxic Wake', which become available for download after purchasing either the digital or vinyl copy of the LP.

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