Warfare Recordings pres WRFEP008 by Macedonian Darko Stepic

It's quiet out into the vast, open space. Only the recurring screeches of some of the outer modules of our spaceship find a way to your ear. The receivers are up and running, frequencies have been calibrated. Our goal- to locate and follow curious signals which will lead us beyond the borders of our monotonous, thus pesky, galaxy. Alas, it seems that the same space we are speaking of seems to have forgotten what diversity is, and everything we detect sounds the same. We're bored. Our mission is a total failure. It's time to reconsider going back home... but wait!... What is this?!... We have detected an unheard signal originating from the Warfare cluster... It's different to the others... There's something strange about it- intense, both highly saturated and at high speed... Wonder what it is... Probably just our minds playing tricks on us, it's because of the fatigue, some sort of a hallucination... But NO! It's real! And it's closing in! Thankfully, we know the exact star it is coming from. Our galaxy will hear something that has never been heard before!

Darko Stepic drops a gem on Warfare Recordings!

It is our pleasure to announce that our partners and friends at Warfare Recordings are growing bigger and bigger, and that in the following weeks another release will be added to their catalogue. A few months after the blasting WFREP007: Cerebrus / Neuro Culture, the people responsible for the always-progressing Funk Aesthetics imprint are about to launch another pair of well-knitted tracks on their own label, also based in Sofia. This time the tracks are courtesy of Balkan legend Darko Stepic. The Macedonian mastermind presents Access & Dissorder, two tracks that not only perfectly describe what Warfare are about, but also meet all requirements for a well-made, modern Neurofunk track.

Access introduces us to an aggressive bass line with loads of elements, pleasantly reminding of the old techstep sound. The veteran from not-so-far-away has even added digitized vocal samples that add to the trans-galactic sounding of the track. Disorder, on the other hand, is the definition of a stripped-down, yet as powerful track armed with fast, crisp percussions, highly-digitized sound and deep bass. Both tracks are super power-chargers, hinting the not-so-easy-to-forget "good old sound" from "back in the day" in a new, fresh manner. Coming all the way from Skopje to Sofia, this is a comparison between "then" and "now"

The release will be launched on 18.08.16 and will be up for grabs at most of the bigger distribution networks. Hear the short cuts from Warfare's Soundcloud page bellow:

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