[Q&A] MS Dos: Liquid fans are older in age. More mature ears they have

At the end of the week, between the 22nd and the 24th of July, Broken Balkanz festival will be held in the vicinity of Sofia. For the sixteenth consecutive year, the oldest open-air dnb event in Eastern Europe will gather the elite of the Balkan bass scene in one place. Some of the "residents" at the event are Disphonia, Darko Stepic, Hypertech, Funk Guru, Phillipe, the entire HMSU Crew (High Roll, Ogonek, COOH, Targy, acidtrip & EXo) and more. Also, at this year's edition we will hear Frequax (with a brand-new album), Smooth, Itallian Hallucinator, our friends from Serbia- Creeping RuinDROP SENSEI, Ruinheadz and United Noize, Kodin and Tekitoka from Croatia, as well as more from Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Kosovo, and Bulgaria, of course.

For the short time, we've been around, somehow, interviewing some of the festival's guests became almost a tradition. This year we talked to Kodin and received guest mixes from Rcallz & Alexus and Vasquez NZ. Another artist at our gunpoint is MS Dos from Greece. We decided to talk to him as he is among the few artists at the festival, who will emphasize on the liquid side of drum and bass. We asked him about the festival as well as his personal path as a liquid dnb artist. Check his answers in the following lines.

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Hello, Chris! You will participate at Broken Balkanz festival this year. What have you prepared for everyone that will be in front the stage at Vitosha?

Hi :) I will play on Saturday at midnight 00:00-01:00. I usually play many kind of styles. Liquid, Jungle and some harder styles. So I will do the same.

How familiar are you with this festival, what have you heard about it and what do you expect?

Yes I am familiar. My friend and co partner in Athens INSOM had mentioned me about festival. I know that is one of the biggest and best bass festivals of Mediterranean. So I except the best. I love every kind of bass music anyway. That's why I am going to stay both days. So we will have great times for sure.

You've placed your focus upon liquid dnb and the liquid funk sound. Why do you fancy this sub-genre particularly? What is so captivating about it?

As younger guy I was listening to harder styles. More hardcore in general. So after some years I liked smoother sounds. I am also fan of soul and jazz that's why I like liquid too. But I start making hard style too lately.

As if liquid is not so popular in Europe despite it is experiencing a renaissance in the UK. Do you think that this style of drum and bass will soon increase its popularity across the old continent? Would you enjoy to see the liquid sound prevail over the other sub-genres? How would that be good or bad for the scene as a whole? 

Liquid isn't so aggressive as neuro or jump up are. She I don't believe that can have more crowd. Our fans are older in age. More mature ears they have. Tbh I am in love in dnb in general so I really don't care about which gerne is best :)

At Broken Balkanz another big liquid artist will take part - Funkware. There are labels you've both released for. Have you ever worked together and is a co-production of such kind possible in the future?

Yes, I have already worked with Funkware. We had signed also a tune in legendary Good Looking but we took it back cause it closed. It will be out from another great label Blu Saphire. Funkware even if he is young he has extra quality in his sound. That's why I am supporting him a lot. I think that he will become even bigger name if he keeps making music.

Speaking of labels and releases what can we expect from you in the near future? Is there anything forthcoming this summer or would you rather focus on open-air performances?

I have signed a couple of tunes that will be out in vinyl this year. Also there are some remixes of my tunes that will be out from my own label Liquid Drops such as by Grek Parker & Danny Rhodes, Margaman, T Base, Insom, Al Pack and also waiting a remix by Bladerunner. There are also a couple of releases that I will have in some big liquid labels like Soul deep XClusive, Soul Trader, Liquid Tones, Sheer Velocity. Finally I will have a CD release on liquid drops but I can't give anymore details now.

Thank you for the time shared! Wish something to the readers!

Thank you too. I wish to all fans that will participate at festival to have fan. I also wanna mention that dnb is against racism And I hope all the best for all of us cause quite a lot of bad things happen lately. Let the music connect the people!


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