Mainframe pres. MFR079: 24/7 by Dossa & Locuzzed

Release date: August 19th, 2016
Beatport Exc: 5th Aug
Label: Mainframe
Catalog No: MFR079
Source: Cygnus Music PR

Dossa & Locuzzed, the highly appreciated Austrian production duo, who have made a huge progress over an extremely short period of time, is out with a fresh and very catchy track.

24/7 featuring MC Daxta, Austria’s word-shuffling pride, roaming Europe at the moment crazing one festival to another aside such names as Noisia, or Camo & Krooked, is truly a heartfelt declaration of Love to the Music we’re all livin’, a finely-calibrated, cleverly-written track. Joining forces with Daxta they for sure created a Drum and Bass anthem, that depicts the performance, lets the listener be privy to the actions on stage, feel the energy, the smoke the sweat, the vibe, the bouncing crowd…The popping lyrics and burning sounds will definitely make you fidget wherever you are

On the other side you will find a happy, healing liquid track that truly soothes the mind with the light vocals, deep bassline and sound effects so satisfying that it couldn’t have received a better title than Magic. It’s the Cabriolet Edition of Drum and Bass the perfect accessory for a summer road trip...especially when you’re heading to a festival.
Summer is definitely here!
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