Let it roll 2016 Summer / Afterparty on a boat and in Storm Club

Only one week left before the biggest drum and bass event in Europe. Like almost every event of such size, the euphoria is still present among visitors days after the happening, experts say boat after-parties are the best way to slow down your pulse.

At this exclusively interesting after-party visitors will be happy to hear artists like Suki, Bifidus Aktiv, Blofelo, Beesu, who will all participate in the festival before that as well. Tickets start at 250 CZK and are up for grabs, the date- 6.08.16. We advise everyone that is interested in going to grab their tickets fast as the boat's capacity is limited to 130 people. The party will be held near Frantisku Hospital, Prague. Visitors will have 30 minutes to get on board of the boat which sets off at 19:30 sharp. The after-party will continue until midnight after the boat reaches it's starting position.

For those that lack any patience, we let you know there is another after-party preceding this one. We're speaking of the day right after the big event, when British Rough Tempo crew (Benny L/ Arcane/ Jaycee/ Uzi/ Pheelgood/ Deadnoize/ Nuborn/ Social Logic/ Serkus/ SN) and the DJs from the UTM-Family will take over Storm Club Prague in the company of Audio Porn Recordings' owner Shimon, who will be headlining the event. Entry will be free for all who have purchased festival tickets, everyone else will have to pay 4 euros.
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