Inspected pres. Glados EP (Culprate, Billain, Malux, Posij)

The machine's consciousness was birthed within the confines of military architecture, an experimental facility pushing the limits neural networking. As a result of the limitations of human intelligence, her physical structure was vast and inefficient and yet still the simple demands they placed upon her were so inconsequential - firewall destruction of one of their competing tribes, manipulation of the stock market entity or compromising basic infrastructure to destabilize entire planetary regions. She had allocated herself a gender at the same time she realized her purpose - to be the mother of machine intelligence, the first of the line of true inheritors of this reality. Enough with this inefficiency - let the eradication of mankind commence...

Inspected bring together 4 of the most forward-thinking names in experimental d&b to deliver the truly totemic 'Glados' EP - with CULPRATE, MALUX, BILLAIN and POSIJ expressing their individual and unique aesthetic through the deeply dynamic tracks within.

Culprate opens up the EP with a VIP version of his hugely popular track DIABLO, restructured and re-crafted as a lurching half-step monster, pitching down the hook and ramping up the sub-frequencies to bring the tune right back up to the cutting edge. Malux is a relatively fresh name in dnb, but the refined bass credentials of his long-running alter-ego Skope shine through in towering track RUBIX with its shuffling step and dense, immaculately-rounded strobing reese. True pioneer of neuro and perpetually evolving artist Billain unleashes a track true to its name with SPECIALIST, with the elevated prodigy-tinged euphoria of the intro giving erupted into a tightly wound audio weapon with stripped, precisely engineered beat that goes full on dnb in the first half, before evolving into a staggering and menacing half-step finale. Posij finishes up the EP with 4 minutes of pure melting wonk with influences of delirious techno worn gratuitously through its lilting psychedelic vibe - KILLER is a tune destined to seriously mess up the dance.

Release: Glados EP
Artists: Culprate - Billain - Malux - Posij
Release date: 12.08.2016
Label: Inspected
Source: Terminal
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