Flight Patern Records pres. She's On Top / Bluelines by Atlantic Connection

After a brief hiatus, American drum and bass talent Atlantic Connection ushers his way back to the forefront with new She’s On Top // Bluelines EP.

Still forging a prolific path after nearly 20 years of dedication to the industry, Atlantic Connection breaks his radio silence in 2016 to release She’s On TopBluelines. Intrinsically AC, the EP begins with the smooth roller “She’s On Top”. Marked with soulful pianos, jazz horns, and laid back polyrhythms, “She’s On Top” captures a soul’s yearning while still making you groove. Up next is “Bluelines,” which depicts a sunny morning with it’s bright Rhodes keys that scatter over fitted bass lines and galloping congas. Perfectly soundtracking a sunrise, “Bluelines” brings heartfelt melodies with a bass-heavy ride. 

Like the sun gleaming through a window pane, so shines the jazz-infused EP from Atlantic Connection, due out June 20th.

Source: Triple Vision Distribution
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