Close 2 Death pres. 'Insane / Introvert' by VLTRN

Australian duo VLTRN hit Close 2 Death Recordings (C2D) with their debut release with this hard hitting single. The A-Side tune "Insane" creeps in with a uplifting synth complimented with a beautiful vocal before it drops in a all out carnage of nasty gritty bassline massacre.On the flip is "Introvert" another massacre of a tune with a slight Mefjus influence and a sci-fi feel this tune is pure funk and will destroy dancfloors across the globe.

Sempy and Conxept of Perth, Australia have teamed up only recently to create a hype neurofunk double-think project that is... Lets just say definitely very catering to the local scene around them. Stocking up their SoundCloud with gems regularly since their inception - whether it be for free or through an established imprint, Anyone following the two knows that it only makes sense they are finally putting out content on Close2Death. Unfortunately, VLTRN's debut single here is only just that - a single.

Two sides that feel like they are over much fasten then they are. The first part of the journey is "Insane", and you'll hear it and realise it isn't called that with playful or light intentions. If you are familiar with the feeling of a great and heavy neuro tune from a producer with top-notch production background hitting you in the face like a sensory train, you're probably prepared for this. Suddenly, the flip-side is "Introvert", and while it is definitely not on the same level of grit that "Insane" is, I can guarantee that it is a tune sure to be in future live mixes responsible for the profound introversion to extroversion conversion of many skeptical newcomer ravers.

Release Dates:
Beatport Exclusive: July 11th
Worldwide: July 25th

Sources: Tripple Vision Distribution & Close 2 Death Recordings

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