5 years of TITAN (Part Three)

Release Date: August 12th, 2016
Beatport Exc: 29th July
Label: Titan Records
Catalog Number: TITAN038
Source: Cygnus Music PR

This is it. Titan intensifies…

We’re past the point of no return, there’s no going back. In the coming weeks A.M.C will drop his label’s largest project to date: the explosive, half-decade anniversary collection ‘Five Years Of Titan’. Loaded with the label’s strong-armed scope with armoury from friends old and new, history is in the making and your collection will never be the same again.

The third and final monthly dispatch, ‘Five Years Of Titan Part 3’ is the biggest set of the series with six cuts from some genuinely titanic names: Alongside firebrand Titan troopers Hypoxia, Glass Cobra and Tobax we have Blackout and Close 2 Death-endorsed Khronos, UK tear-out champion Turno, super-hot French producers The Clamps and Dilemn and Eatbrain head honcho Jade. A full house, representing total 170 BPM unity with a full scope of European D&B; this EP couldn’t have landed at a more poignant time.

The music soundtracks the moment, too; raw, unfettered, energetic and limit-pushing, Titan’s electrical energy and refusal to sit in any one specific subgenre is the perfect fit for dystopian, disillusioned dancefloors the world over. Jade’s jagged twist on Hypoxia’s modern-classical ‘Bad Ass’, The Clamps & Dilemn’s 23rd century speedway chaos ‘Frenzy’, Turno’s sci-fi riff war cry ‘Existence’, Khronos’s heads-down neuro tear-up funk, Glass Cobra’s skank-packed ragga-tech hybrid ‘Champion’ and the long-awaited, body-slamming VIP of last year’s insane ‘Lockdown’ by Russian newcomer Tobax…. Each cut adding raw mechanical momentum, heightening the experience of what will be looked back at as the maddest climate in decades.

Hard times call for hard music and Titan have been soundtracking it all along… Consistently looking to the future with only the most innovative, uncompromised talents in the game. We’ve been past the point of no return since day one. The only way is forward. Next stop: ‘Five Years Of Titan’ the full album… Who knows what other tricks A.M.C has up his sleeve for this? Only time will tell but for now keep your ears pealed for next months Neuro/Jump Up fusion EP from A.M.C & Turno.. You herd it here first.
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