Titan Records pres. 5 Years: Part 2

Release Date: July 29th
Catalog NumberTITAN031
Source: Cygnus Music PR

Tension is rising…Titan step another month closer to the biggest, most ambitious release in the label’s heavyweight half decade history with a four-track package of unfettered forefront fire.

Destination: ‘Five Years Of Titan’. Set for release July 29, it’s an all-out, balls-out anniversary album loaded and coded with exclusive tracks from some of Titan’s hottest talents and some of drum & bass’s biggest names. Representing their uncompromised, all-style stance and ear for exciting new talent, even to those who’ve followed the label closely this album will be a whole new level. And here are four reasons why

We rev up the hype machine with ‘Rock ‘n’ Ride’: one of the gnarliest compositions ever created by label bossman A.M.C and long-term conspirators Six Blade, it comprises everything you could ever ask of a D&B bomb: sense-blurring production, white knuckle dynamics, subtle humour and a second drop so cheeky you’ll be forced to roll the whole tune out. Just like the old days. Fresh from the heat of their Program and Eatbrain releases, the current do-no-wrong dynamite of Ukraine’s Agressor Bunx makes an explosive Titan debut. ‘Smash It’ hits with a cavalcade of clever humanoid textures as the rhythmic elements while a trio of basslines vies for our attention. Guaranteed chaos.

And that chaos continues as we hit the latest fire from the belly of young S9. One of Titan’s hottest next-gen talents, S9 follows the likes of Hypoxia and Six Blade as a world class producer with Titan foundations. What begins as an eerie intro suddenly rips a hole in the space/time continuum with dynamics that could easily be compared to The Upbeats or Dimension. Any description short of ‘face-melter’ would be doing ‘Warehouse’ a disservice. Finally we’re sucker punched into submission by label newcomer Cruk. Literally. Already on the receiving end of strong scene hype with releases on Breed 12 Inches and SkankandBass, the north England producer lays down a roller that rattles like an enraged hornet’s nest and slaps with twice the sting. ‘Sucker Punch’ is more than just a clever name.

And so we reach the end of yet another precision piece for Titan with four more telling examples of the album’s weight, innovation and pure bass muscle. With one more sampler to go before the full album is released next month, the tension is only going to raise even further…

Five years of Titan: Part One

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