[Q&A] Qo: Thats amazing thing on dnb, it evolves for all these years

When it comes to bass, and to be more precise, when it comes to drum and bass and big open-air festivals, a couple of events come to mind immediately. As summer unfolds and temperatures rise, it is this time of the year again, when DJs, producers and fellow clubbers come out the dark, grimy venues for a breath of fresh air, leaving no bass behind. Actually the warm season gives many opportunities for organizers to actually bring more fire and even more power to their events, thus bringing even more people together. Last year Bass Blog Bulgaria was given the chance to cover the biggest drum and bass festival on the planet, the first opportunity for international growth, something which we are still very thankful for.

In 2015, between the 30th of July and the first of August, at the abandoned warfare airfield near Milovice (about 25 km away from Prague) a record number of selectors came from all-over to entertain more than 22 000 people on not one, not two, but three, no... four.... I meant 10 different stages. This year, we are very thankful to be part of this amazing experience again, as Let it Roll is coming back to Milovice, only this time even bigger and meaner!

For this edition of the festival we continue interviewing some of the artists that are about to show up on stage at the Czech Republic. For the first interview, we invited QO - one of the most rapidly growing artists of the Czech Republic during the last couple of years, who also happens to drop by this Saturday for a traditional Balkan bash in Sombor, Serbia, under the invitation of our partners and friends - Drop Sensei. Read more about Petr's forthcoming appearances and more bellow:


The Interview

Hey, Petr! During mid June you will take part in a festival organized by Drop Sense that will take part in Sombor, Serbia. What do you know of the Serbian scene? What do you expect of the event?

Hello! I've heard a lot good things about drop sensei parties, seen epic pics on facebook, so what do i expext? Absolute madness! Really, i cant wait to be there.. About Serbian scene – i know Alex Treo for a long time, you just remind me that he owes me a remix for a track „infected“ released long time ago on citrus :D

It seems like you have a lot lined up for this summer. At the end of July you will be part of the line-up at Let it Roll Open Air. Last year we witnessed the biggest edition of LiR afte lots of changes were introduced to the festival ( location, number of stages and artists, etc.). What were the impressions LiROA2015 left in you?

It was defy the biggest dnb festival i have ever been and i am proud of LIR crew for making it unforgetabble for everyone. It was just amazing in all possible ways for me.. Cant wait for this years edititon, it will be monstrous, no doubt.

Seemingly, there will be even more stages and artists at this year's edition. What are your personal expectations of Let it Roll 2016?

As i said, it will be monsrtrous. Cant wait to meet all these great people again.. I used to camp in regular (not vip, artist) camp for a 5-6 (7? not sure :D) yrs now, with a lot of friends and lot of rum.. Cant wait for that :D

Let it Roll is generally neurofunk oriented. Most of the local selectors at the fest also prefer this sub-genre. Where does the love for neuro come from and what is it based on?

I dont think that this festival is neurofunk oriented, but yeah, neuro and harder styles are super strong lately. But few years back, it was different. And in few year, it will be also a bit different. Thats amazing thing on dnb, it evolves for all these years.. I live in very specific area in Czech repubic, with a lot of heavy industry, mines, etc.. it always was a techstep/neuro what people on a party wanted to hear, mainly.

In your opinion, would you have rejoiced over such success on the worldwide scene if you hadn't focused on the Neurofunk sound?

I am not sure if i can say succes or something like that, all i can say is that i am super happy that i can play out my music, visiting new places, meeting new faces, all of that with super positive energy, even if the music is dark, techy, heavy.. But maybe, if i choose to make liquid tunes, i will be super happy aswell, on a seaside, chilling with more girls... :D :D :D

We are now aware of all headliners and label nights. Which label or artist would you like to give more attention to? Which local artists would you recommend us to hear during the event?

I can't wait to see and hear whole Eatbrain crew.. But theres a lot more on festival.. I cant name anything else atm… You have to be there and whenever you go, you will alwys have a good time :) Speaking about czech support djs… Computerartist & QO! :D No seriously.. RIDO is the don of czech scene. You have to listen to his set. A-cray is great dj aswell :)

Thanks for the time! Wish something to the readers.

I thank you! I am really looking forward to Sombor Open air and for those who wont be there, be sure to make it to the Let it Roll! Ez!

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