Occuli Music pres. 'Silence' LP by Impish

Impish presents his 11 track LP on his own Imprint ''Occulti Music''

From certified breakbeat infused dancefloor steppers like ''LFO'' and ''Go Ahead'' towards more soulful rollers like ''Lies'' and ''Absinthe'' Impish efforts show determined dedication and craftsmanship when it comes his beats, basslines and musical arrangements. The collaborations and remixes come from close friends Meta on ''Keep Warm'', Vasilisa on ''Wind'' and ''Lies'' as well as Lincoln, UK based duo Soligen & Type reworking ''Lonely Street'' into a twisted nipple destroying club edit of the original track. 

There is no compromise here, no music aimed at entering popular playlists and definitely not music for the faint hearted. The album delivers with an unquestionable intent and perfectly demonstrates Impish's versatility and his direction in the spectrum of present day drum & bass. 

The release will appear on 2 x 12'’ vinyl pack including a download card on the 1st of July.
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